Islamic Shariah

Screen Shot 2019-03-24 at 9.45.45 amIn the mountains of Northern New Mexico at the world famous Abiquiu Madressah, Hamza Yusuf elaborates on the six elements thatshari’ah seeks to preserve in society. Part of the widely popular Deen Intensive program, this session is an opportunity to see a unique side of Imam Hamza within the context of an informal and interactive study group. After a comprehensive look at how shari’ah preserves the deen, this session covers five other areas: the preservation of life, lineage, wealth, intellect and honor. Other topics discussed: religion vs. ritual, the power of superstition, morality, the permissibility of adoption, changing one’s name upon converting to Islam, punishment for theft and adultery, public/private education, and extremism.

The Six Elemnts of Shariah

  • Preserving the Deen i.e. Tawheed i.e. Islamic monotheism
  • Preserving life
  • Lineage
  • Property
  • Intellect
  • Honour

The Five principle of Jurisprudence

  • Intention
  • Certainty is the foundation and not ruled by doubt.
  • Difficulty necessitate facilitation
  • Harm is removed
  • Norms are binding