On the Day Of Judgement

Chapter 37

A Question to Resurrection Deniers

11. So ask them ˹O Prophet˺, which is harder to create: them or other marvels of Our creation? [908] Indeed, We created them from a sticky clay. [909] 12. In fact, you are astonished ˹by their denial˺, while they ridicule ˹you˺. 13. When they are reminded, they are never mindful. 14. And whenever they see a sign, they make fun of it, 15. saying, “This is nothing but pure magic. 16. When we are dead and reduced to dust and bones, will we really be resurrected? 17. And our forefathers as well?” 18. Say, “Yes! And you will be fully humbled.”

The Deniers After Resurrection

19. It will only take one Blast, [910] then at once they will see ˹it all˺. 20. They will cry, “Oh, woe to us! This is the Day of Judgment!” 21. ˹They will be told,˺ “This is the Day of ˹Final˺ Decision which you used to deny.” 22. ˹Allah will say to the angels,˺ “Gather ˹all˺ the wrongdoers along with their peers, and whatever they used to worship 23. instead of Allah, then lead them ˹all˺ to the path of Hell. 24. And detain them, for they must be questioned.” 25. ˹Then they will be asked,˺ “What is the matter with you that you can no longer help each other?” 26. In fact, on that Day they will be ˹fully˺ submissive.

The Misleaders vs. the Misled

27. They will turn on each other, throwing blame. 28. The misled will say, “It was you who deluded us away from what is right.” [911] 29. The misleaders will reply, “No! You disbelieved on your own. 30. We had no authority over you. In fact, you yourselves were a transgressing people. 31. The decree of our Lord has come to pass against us ˹all˺: we will certainly taste ˹the punishment˺. 32. We caused you to deviate, for we ourselves were deviant.” 33. Surely on that Day they will ˹all˺ share in the punishment.

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