What if?

What if,
What if we get power to know what is going on in someone’s heart and mind. Not the psychometric deductions or any intelligent psychological guess work, but in real, as you listen and see the mechanical waves and light radiations. What if the thoughts a person is processing echoes in your mind in real time.
The benefit of doubt created by not knowing, in a sense is a blessing. The space created by not knowing the exact thoughts of someone you are speaking to is in fact a “psychological shock absorber”.
For a moment, think.
With so much exposure of social media and people expressing, reacting, debating and sometimes abusing or laughing at someone has become more prevalent than ever before. We all are moved by with the issues we concern about. Be it political, social or religious, we sometimes feel the urge to speak our mind and in the process keep ourselves vulnerable to reactions from people including our loved ones to react in a way, which we do not exhibit generally “in person”. Sometimes (or manytimes), the intentions, feelings and motives as percieved in words are not same as written in a post. The process of deciphering meaning of message depends on the writer’s ability to meticulously present a nice correlation of “what he meant” and “what he writes”, plus the state of a reader. A reader of a message will always try to understand the message to 1) his/her belief, 2) knowledge and 3) the level of personal interactions he had with the sender.
One more key point to note is that, this new dimension of fast communication, which we call social media have exploited the inherent weakness of human psyche which calls for self approval, self portrayal and peer appreciations. In a sense it creates a cosmos of news and events around a person based on his/her choices, likes and dislikes. If a person is not intelligent enough to swim in this information sea, he/she is more likely to get drowned to the whirlpool created by “competing vulnerable self” and “social expectations”.
We should think what we value in our life. If we are not in a good relationship personally with a person, why should we have an online connection? And if we do have, then for what purpose? Do the digital deduction of self in electronic media is an alter version of ourselves?
So, we are trying to peep in and cross the natural harmony electronically in a voluntary approach. By presenting a self which is not real, smileys and lols as a digital abstractions of what is expected from others and keeping the conscious soul detached with the real time interactions. The more we get in, the more it gets messed up, till we exhaust all spiritual sense and become a mechanised homo sapiens.