Gagga ne ra one chahiye, And the moon is the only light

You belong to so many things and Darbhanga is the one, it belong to your father and the long history of struggle of your grandfather in getting family established. How beautiful is watching you arguing, fighting, crying and smiling. The innocence and its value. And you are all the times watching Ra-One,

When the night has come
When the night has come and the land is dark
When the night has come
When the night has come and the land is dark
And the moon is the only light
And the moon is the only light
And the moon is the only light we will see
So darlin’, darlin’

Darling, darling stand by me
Com’n stand by me
Stand by me
Darling, darling stand by me
Com’n stand by me
Stand by me

Concerned about so many things, distance keeping the tides of love and rock solid thoughts making me thinking all the times about the future, keeping you on the traditions of respect and honor and equipping with all necessary educations, which may make you a man, who loves and care and do not fall in the trap of greed, materialism, hate and anger. Love is rare and difficult to maintain. It demands a character hardened with small moral values and invaluable experience gained in course of sacrificing a lot.  Thinking so much, got some kokchees for you, this is how you spell chocolates, and I love it.

There was a Rajdoot bike your grandfather had which was taken back. And not only the bike but many things including his career had what made us to realize a lot about what to do next. I made so many things on my own, learned, earned stood against odds. Not very intelligent but memorized a lot to fill the gaps of learning patterns, racing past all the smart convent guys. Trigonometry was difficult, so was Algebra, however all was in mind, what if not understood well, hard work makes all happen.

Darlin’ darlin’
O rehbaran o mere rehbaran o o tujhse waasta (and the moon is the only light)
Tu manzil hai aur tu hi uss manzil ke aagee ka rasta (when the land is dark)

Realizing the past fuels some more energy to gain momentum. Auditing past reflects some important figure to take advantage of.

When you go when you leave
Then you take a little piece of me with you
There’s a hole in my soul
Cause you take a little piece of me with you

These are random thoughts. The movie is good. We didn’t had the luxury of laptops. My fantasies of He-Man and Sigma serial on Sunday was always on the mercy of electicity power cuts. We in our times were ready to sacrifice happiness and were less demanding. This gave us the gift called “patience”. You may want things to happen flashing on nano-technical scales, but remember, high frequency need extra controls and if not provided may go out of control, be it a machine or your vulnerable desires. Patience is the key of so many problems. A master key, “Patience”, which can unlock any problem.

The ideal non linear equations of advices and moral values. The non-ideal equations of real life. When you will try to solve these equations simultaneously you may not get real roots most of the times. Don’t panic, just stay with it, be patient, uncomplaining, stand on your principles. Qura’n will help if you read and remember to keep a balance between happiness and values.

… You interuupted me, i smiled, he laptop was off again. Gagga ne ra-one chahiye, you asked to make laptop on and start Ra-One movie again.

Ameenabad – The secrets hideouts

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Yeah, this is true, but sometimes acceptance is A better choice.

TVS Pep. Ameenabad market. I cornered the scooty right behind a shop. The idea was good to be out. Three days in emergency ward of Vivekanand Hospital had made me tired within, and i was going to be dead without a fresh aroma of evening breeze. Asfa got opportunity to sneak around in market for little important stuffs like cletchers, hairbands, ear rings and many more, out of my comprehension.How does it look like? She was expecting my expert review on a multicolor hair band.

I mean its quite good, beautiful, however my smile doesn’t satisfied what she was expecting. I kept myself busy and interested in analysis over colors and craft.

This is good, why don’t you pick it? I grabbed a big one and acted like an expert of hair bands. This didn’t work again and I was wondering in clouds.

I asked “what are your decision criteria?”

I am not here for “decision criteria”, I am here for hair bands. The Verbs were replaced by Nouns and you can’t help. Though I enjoyed observing. Out of infinite choices available in colors, design and patterns; girls do not hold their criteria for selection. How insane, I mean how intelligent. My mathematical mind was doing a guess work on formulating a probability function which can bring possible solutions to select a hair band. I failed again.

Y e a h, this is true, but sometimes acceptance is A better choice.

Had an hour or so shopping. Family groceries. Had roasted chicken in Alamgeers restaurant, though doctors have advised me a big NO to non-vegs. Dr K K Agarwal seems to be a busy doctor in Lucknow. At least Lucknow is unlike Delhi. There is some kindness and human touch to patients. Maryam is only 5 months and she cried as soon we stepped out of cletcher shop. She is developing the girl-ish tentacles quite soon. I felt tired again upon reaching home. Fahd was shouting chaychi chaychi for scooty keys. I was happy and my love was making me smiling for my son. I grabbed him in arms and planted a big kiss.

Y    e     a     h,     this is true, but sometimes acceptance is A better choice.