Knowledge Respect and Hurdles

I am experiencing new environment,

Year 2006: When i first met Amit Singh Gaur, he had a passing resemblance to Shahrukh Khan, and still he possess the charisma. I knew three people are joining the team today and they were Ejaz, Ramesh and Amit. I was discussing office politics with Parth in the NOC room. Initial arrogance and stupidity on immature levels always prompt me to discuss about shortcoming in others and job change. Every time i will meet a talented new face, will ask for a job change guidance. This was quite irritating. Sometimes i hate so much about some stupidity i had, that i want to completely erase all about it, however this is learning curve and i can not differentiate beyond the tangent levels. Since i was a fresher and was not getting out of the fresher mindset, was not charged to take a lead. Though my managers were expecting Parker to mature in Spiderman, i was still romancing with kids behavior. Seniors around you and helping hand are sometimes so grave that they do not let new kids to come out of their own comfort shell. When i was with the most qualified experts, i didn’t had the courage to troubleshoot alone, When i am without them i can do any damn stuff, sometimes, screening effect matters in life outside atomic scales as well.

Some of my mates i meet nowadays are obsessed with Technical Arrogance, and some on the other side believe in the materialization of personal relationship for professional growth. They fight terribly since the vectors have a head on trajectory with 180 degrees phase shifts. Most of them are not transparent to what they think, speak and do. They are not in harmony. Their internal disharmony leads to chaotic questions and answers which they themselves do not want to answer. They discuss and seek a favorable answer from their friends. If they get an answer which supports their emotions you are good friends otherwise not. You must comply. This is ABC to the perception management and a daunting task for team leaders.

Whenever i meet some wicked and weak person, i think what if i were him. If i had executed something like that in my life style. This keeps me being away from those vulnerabilities. I keep myself some distance apart, but this brings a vacuum which must be filled with some positive energy and i realize the value of company of good inspiring friends. Though if they were harsh or soft, this was learning and if it come at any cost it is worth.

Anyways, back in days of 2006, i was coming downstairs after a KT session from Kalyan Sir. Amit was comfortable with IP Schema understanding, while i was smart enough to hide my doubts over IP Subnettings. I pretend, i know and people believed. I was again inspired by intelligent people and asked Rajiv, rather i complained about missing IP Subnets in the Schema, however he confidently explained why is the gap, i was stunned, how he knew, he just joined the team some days back.

I see my past in some faces around in present. The same story with different characters. Zeal to get recognized, hatred, discussing about others and complaining attitude. This is a cyclic equations, like floating Google circles. Time bring perfection and there is something called experience, one can not materialize it before time and gain it when time has passed.

Vitality Hires

VHP, i knew this stands for Vishwa Hindu Parisad. Religious fanaticism has caused the most destruction to humanity than anything else. A drug made to cure has been used otherwise,

Anyway, this time the acronym was for Vitality Hire Program. I was selected from a crowd of 364 odd candidates in a campus placement for IBM. Only 14 i think were finally selected out of 364 and i was the lucky one. This was a perfect example of being lucky, as out of 40 questions asked in the test, i knew only 8 correct and rest were all a guess-work. I was lucky.

The presentation before was fantastic. Mrs Pallavi and Sudheer Mehani introduced IBM in quite a wonderful way and all were very excited. I was assuming this only an opportunity to experience “How IBM test paper looks like?”, The test and finally interview, it took 11PM and i reached home in night. I was not expecting to be selected for 1st round.

A week later got a call from Gurmeet, i was selected. I was taking physics class in my coaching, was explaining the kinetic way of proving the work energy relationships. I quickly noted the A26, Okhla phase 1 address and went there for final interview round with Dhruv and Pallavi again. I wanted to be selected for second round. I took all the magazines articles which was published in Physics for you etc. They asked few questions from mobile telecommunication and i explained drawing all smart illustration on paper. I was selected.

NIIT Delhi south-ex appreciated quite brilliantly me.

Before second round i got a call from NIIT south-ex that i have to report immediately to NIIT with all my documents and passport. i didn’t knew why, i was not knowing that i was selected in IBM. I went there and i was told to meet Sudha Madam. Sudha madam took me to a class and introduced. Meet Rashid, he has cleared IBM offcampus drive. I was treated like a celebrity. I can’t express the joy, happiness and nervousness. This was extremely amazing. Called Abbu immediately. All were very happy. I was in. I got a job.

I was thinking for my established coaching institute. What to do for Spectrum. I had put a lot effort in making my coaching institute a success in locality, and i was thinking now to close it. This was not possible for me to drive both the things. i was not a smart businessman, but only a heart follower. Slowly i moved my students to other institutes. The rivals were happy, and i was also very happy. Did some bridging classes to the BEST institute for three months. IBM induction training and 3-4 hours classes in night. I was very enthusiastic, otherwise this was quite hectic for me.

IBM called us Vitality Hires, and the whole team proved beyond all expectations. I learned a lot. A lot about new things. However somewhere the Physics teacher was lost. I still miss my classes and interactions with a lot students. This is like a situational breakup with an old girlfriend and being married to someone, somehow keeping balance for a happy married life. There is more to regret and much to appreciate.

One Stupid Mail to My First Company IBM …

This is not true to say I feel sad, rather it is a mixed feeling, definitely the pinch of Salt is less than the sweetness.

ife is a set of moments which define its state. Moments of all shades.
It starts when we have no control, we define controls and loose all controls, settle back to where we started, the same state. We speak, share, fight, resist, learn and grow. Different dimensions, random chaos and some confidence. Dark inside light outside, hacked by materialism, a series of cause and effect, and we search peace sometimes, somewhere. In the same race…I joined IBM. 07 Nov 05. IBM Silo office. This was a time of high learning, a transformation phase in my life, where i learned basics of work, life, money and expense.

hen i started my career in IBM, i joined as a fresher.
Money was not in my mind. The center of my work-life cycle was the knowledge-learning need. Money was at circumference. I was least interested in knowing my salary breakup, income tax computation, reimbursement etc. I left these things to default factory settings and focussed on understanding the environment, technology, skills and proving myself to be the best. I learned new things, how to put your thoughts in words, communication protocols, technology, Globally integrated enterprise. I enjoyed being an IBMer. The family respect, value in society, a sense of pride in my parent’s eyes. All, what a college graduate need. I was transformed from a fresher to technical professional.

s we all progress, we grow.
Growth is what we perceive to get satisfied mentally. I started technical career from configuring perl codes to generate MRTG graphs for network links and CPU usages of devices. Learned data networking, CCNA, worked on processes, ITIL, VA, IP management, DC networking. Slowly i started looking into the innovative approaches. I gained mass and velocity and my technical momentum gained impulse. Off-shore project, Srilanka was a life time experience. Working with people in distant geographies is what i enjoyed most. I met some of the most influential people in IBM. I idealized a lot from different people.

stage comes in life when we stop, and think, “is it worth enjoying pizza out?”.
I can manage 10 days family budget with same amount. We then start prioritizing the happiness. When bachelor, less liability set us free and the definition of enjoyment changes with responsibility. It started itching the melting pocket and this was the time i started calculating my expense. First time ever i looked on my salary breakup. Did research on what can be controlled, and what can be improved. Money started drifting from circumference to center. In a couple of months my all life functions started revolving around the money, as i think more deep. I realized the value of savings. “It matters what you save, not what you earn.” I realized the three mistakes of my life.

Mistake 1:Believing Miracles.
If you think miracle can happen, you are good in your thoughts only. Life is balance. Miracles never happen in real life automatically, instead miracles are the outcome of calculated sustained effort. My mistake lie in the thinking of not taking my salary part seriously. With the start of my career, i never given any consideration to my income. When my father ask my package, income tax calculation, savings, i remain puzzled. I always made an obscure gesture, like this is not my business, look i am with one of the great company, in the long run i will get dramatic salary etc. etc. This is good to focus on improvement, but my focus was only on the technical improvement. I assumed a secured shell around me, and justified my ignored approach towards salary part. This strike me slowly when i realized my colleagues with double, triple salary. I was surprised when one of the consultant asked me “Why you are getting only this much with such a good experience and time.”

System will take care of those who take care of themselves. This is a suicide mission if you think the system will take care of you without your effort.

Moral of the story: Money is not everything, but at least make money as one of the important measurement criteria of your professional growth. Your salary hike is based on “how much is your current take home”. Money baselines your current state.

Mistake 2: Initial charming credit cards, bank loans, shopping malls, branded stuffs.
As this civilization is moving forward, it is hacked by consumer markets. Most of the youngsters like me, when sense the heat of money, their desires are hooked by the approved robbing authorities. I call these outlets, malls etc. as approved robbing authorities. Facilities like credit cards, charming malls, 50% discount hoarding all are set to exploit your vulnerable desires. These services make their own profit by giving you momentarily materialistic pleasure. I was having six credit cards of different banks, and within 2 years of my job period, i was in a debt of around 1 lakhs. I never knew how this much money was piled up. However when i realized the stupidness of my act, i set myself free from 5 credit cards within six months, and that was my most relaxing day. Sixth card of ICICI is still with me, and inshaAllah, i will get it disabled with my current job change. I started saving money. Killing daily the daemons of desires. Noting down my needs, calculating and living a satisfied, calculated happy life.
Moral of the story: Saving is earning. If you have credit cards in your pocket, stop thinking yourself being a rich person. Loan ruins your life.

Mistake 3: Getting satisfied.
Todays satisfaction will be tomorrows suicide cause. Keep moving. Do not get satisfied ever, be it your job profile or salary. Satisfaction is a mental state. We should be satisfied with what we spend and what we do, not with what we earn and what we have. We should be satisfied with the three times a day home made food, easy and low cost transportation, good simple life, helping needy people, doing charity, social welfare, doing justified work, good work life balance, yes we should be satisfied with these, and encourage it. We should never be satisfied with what we earn, or where we stand. Each moment we should strive to get more money in lawful way. If someone is satisfied with his/her earning, this is a state of death.
Moral of the story: There are things to be satisfied with. There are things not to be satisfied with. Earn more, learn more, never get satisfied, work just. Expense need satisfaction. Baseline your expenses, and spend in calculated way. I am not telling you to be greedy, but do not stop thinking big salary, rather stop thinking expending big.

his was very tough deciding me to leave IBM.
There happened a lot sessions on career planning, long term career plan, focussed wide strategies etc. These all work well with no disagreement. I do believe in long term planning. I also do not see any shortcoming in current management strategy, business policy and the type of physics, environment is going through. As business dynamics changes, so the career growth path on corporate level, and we must align ourselves with the system win-win path, to be in a win-win situation. However there are individual instances where the gear and accelerator combinations do not work well, and the car experiences intermittent jerks. Unfortunately, my boundary conditions forced me to change the orbital path and get a jump. This was not a momentarily decision but it took me months of thought process, specially for me since this place is where, i learned most, and started my career.

This information age is what we call a global village, and am sure we will be in touch. This was fun working with Varadhu, Kalyan, Pawan, Alok Sinha, Aman Sharma, Amit Gaur, and Vivek. I share some of the best learning experience with Sandeep Saini, Kalyan, Pawan Banduni, Alok Sinha, Aditya Chowdhery, Rajiv Bahl, P Gopal, Tarita and Namita. I have seen the Bharti Network team getting matured from scratch to an Industry Standard, and i am proud of witnessing the historical transformation. I was like a newly born baby in IBM and the initial support from Ramesh Goel, Varadhu, Kalyan and Pawan Banduni is what i will always remain grateful to these Leaders. I thank my managers Varadhu, V Rama, Rajeev Dobhal, Harishankar Gupta, Deepak Mahajan, and Vivek Chandra in showing confidence in my capabilities, they nourish my skills and i got the best encouragement. I will definitely miss the leadership and support i always got from the team. Working in Srilanka was difficult without Nishan and Ruwan, Thanks Srilanka Team. Sujith and Nikhil were a great source of inspiration, and i will miss Somen’s humors from Srilanka tour. People recognize me for my one liners, serious humors, but rather i enjoyed a lot with you people. I thank entire NSD family and ITD above all for invaluable support and recognition.