The rise of an ideology

The truth is that people discuss only people and most of them are selfish to their own ideology. Why he did this, why he did that? To most of the people their problem matters and i see people need quick solutions to their problems. Acidity. Eno. It acts fast.

The way they worship stones, graves, mazaars and peers, saints and yes of course politicians. The lazy dumbs expect some miracle. Yes, he is the man. He belongs to my community. He can bring change and lets associate the devotional feelings with this leader.

Laziness resist change. In particular a change which enables people to act. And in the due course every system become against to that ideology. Till the time promises are made a dreamy affair is established and people feel happy that something good is going to happen, and then they criticise the same people whom they elected, as criticism is also a source of happiness. Since i criticise so i am right.

Whenever any move, any act become personality dependent, it is bound to fail. Do we have the ideology which transcends the masses? Which party reflects the boldness of ideology greater than the personified leadership?

Swaraj is unique. Swaraj is the Indian way. Very few understand this in Indian context. Corruption is not the big headlines in news and some big politicians starting personal benefits. Corruption starts with the negligence and laziness we feel in implementing laws in our life. The act of outsourcing the system to few selected hands. We feel secure as there is no immediate challenge. And yes he is from my community so if he take a little advantage what is the big deal? This is corruption. People often deal with the symptoms of corruption, not THE CORRUPTION. The root cause is still in safe hands of selected fews. The mainstream political party Congress and BJP are taking advantage of the corruption phenomena in order to steer power in their court.

Corruption is worshipping stones in a way to expect miracles. Religion is not the garbage box to vent all your weakness and reckless emotions in the name of God. Religion is realisation of your own power in discovering the fact that man is nothing and the pride, greed and wicked desires need to be in constant control as we are all answerable to each other and to the Almighty.

While i was interested long time back in understanding the Islamic implementation of political environment i see many things happening now. People might say i am advocating Islam now, however this is not the case. Islamic laws are far more easy to implement if we have righteous people in place. However if we have dishonesty in place it is far more complex. i am afraid if explained in details, people will talk of AK implementing Sharia Law across India.

One of the fundamental is the empowerment of people so that they participate directly in government decision which effect people’s day to day life. No political party talk of such things in recent past except AAP. In Indian context it is called Swaraj. There is no surprise that the concept introduced by Gandhiji was inspired by Biblical and Quranic teachings he might have got while travelling South Africa. Gandhiji took a lot from Bible which we call “Satyagarah”. People who have read Bible will know the true meanings and context of Swaraj and Satyagarah. This is notable while Bible talk of the philosophy of self sacrifice to establish good, Gita talks of fighting the evil forces with all might, whereas Quran gives the both.

Oath ceremony in Public, Banning VIP culture, Leading simple life, Establishing the clarity between government and people, taking people’s consensus in public affairs, and fighting for justice and principle is all the traits explained by Khulfa-e-Rashideen long time back. This is quite refreshing to see the resurrection of these ideology in Indian context where most Muslim leaders have failed. Thats make India a land of miracles.

Jai Hind, all the best AAP,

Namo Proved Communal Again

The day a blog confession came out from #namo i thought for a while “OK”, however i wonder if a hateful person can write all these stuff, and there is no surprise if it came at the right time of general election.

Kill, Conspire, Be Silent and change paradigm at right moment. Namo is sailing the ship carefully. All is fair in democracy. The stupid Indians will again unite after Ayodhya victory.

Looking at the video he talked about Jamia Millia Islamia and his true lies and allegations proved again about his hate politics.

I have been a part of Jamia for more than 7 years and i know the complete episode of how and why such a statement from VC was issued. The innocent students whose charges are not yet proved are termed as terrorists and this is university’s responsibility to assist students and if they are found guilty they must be taken as per the law. However a mere allegation do not prove a person to be terrorists.

To Modi and all of his supporters:

  1. Terrorism means Pakistan,
  2. Pakistan means Muslims,
  3. To them there is no difference between Indian and Pakistani Muslims,
  4. So Muslims deserve to be blamed, punished and killed,
  5. #Namo and his supporters are doing a favour in adjusting Muslim population in India,
  6. Muslims are second class citizens, they must be controlled in all the ways,

Unless the class of Hindus who believe in above definition of Muslims exist, they will always be in a prejudiced mode and will never bring justice to society,

Shame #NAMO, Shame #BJP, Shame to all who think India is more Hindu country than be a democratic republic.

Knowledge Respect and Hurdles

I am experiencing new environment,

Year 2006: When i first met Amit Singh Gaur, he had a passing resemblance to Shahrukh Khan, and still he possess the charisma. I knew three people are joining the team today and they were Ejaz, Ramesh and Amit. I was discussing office politics with Parth in the NOC room. Initial arrogance and stupidity on immature levels always prompt me to discuss about shortcoming in others and job change. Every time i will meet a talented new face, will ask for a job change guidance. This was quite irritating. Sometimes i hate so much about some stupidity i had, that i want to completely erase all about it, however this is learning curve and i can not differentiate beyond the tangent levels. Since i was a fresher and was not getting out of the fresher mindset, was not charged to take a lead. Though my managers were expecting Parker to mature in Spiderman, i was still romancing with kids behavior. Seniors around you and helping hand are sometimes so grave that they do not let new kids to come out of their own comfort shell. When i was with the most qualified experts, i didn’t had the courage to troubleshoot alone, When i am without them i can do any damn stuff, sometimes, screening effect matters in life outside atomic scales as well.

Some of my mates i meet nowadays are obsessed with Technical Arrogance, and some on the other side believe in the materialization of personal relationship for professional growth. They fight terribly since the vectors have a head on trajectory with 180 degrees phase shifts. Most of them are not transparent to what they think, speak and do. They are not in harmony. Their internal disharmony leads to chaotic questions and answers which they themselves do not want to answer. They discuss and seek a favorable answer from their friends. If they get an answer which supports their emotions you are good friends otherwise not. You must comply. This is ABC to the perception management and a daunting task for team leaders.

Whenever i meet some wicked and weak person, i think what if i were him. If i had executed something like that in my life style. This keeps me being away from those vulnerabilities. I keep myself some distance apart, but this brings a vacuum which must be filled with some positive energy and i realize the value of company of good inspiring friends. Though if they were harsh or soft, this was learning and if it come at any cost it is worth.

Anyways, back in days of 2006, i was coming downstairs after a KT session from Kalyan Sir. Amit was comfortable with IP Schema understanding, while i was smart enough to hide my doubts over IP Subnettings. I pretend, i know and people believed. I was again inspired by intelligent people and asked Rajiv, rather i complained about missing IP Subnets in the Schema, however he confidently explained why is the gap, i was stunned, how he knew, he just joined the team some days back.

I see my past in some faces around in present. The same story with different characters. Zeal to get recognized, hatred, discussing about others and complaining attitude. This is a cyclic equations, like floating Google circles. Time bring perfection and there is something called experience, one can not materialize it before time and gain it when time has passed.

Vitality Hires

VHP, i knew this stands for Vishwa Hindu Parisad. Religious fanaticism has caused the most destruction to humanity than anything else. A drug made to cure has been used otherwise,

Anyway, this time the acronym was for Vitality Hire Program. I was selected from a crowd of 364 odd candidates in a campus placement for IBM. Only 14 i think were finally selected out of 364 and i was the lucky one. This was a perfect example of being lucky, as out of 40 questions asked in the test, i knew only 8 correct and rest were all a guess-work. I was lucky.

The presentation before was fantastic. Mrs Pallavi and Sudheer Mehani introduced IBM in quite a wonderful way and all were very excited. I was assuming this only an opportunity to experience “How IBM test paper looks like?”, The test and finally interview, it took 11PM and i reached home in night. I was not expecting to be selected for 1st round.

A week later got a call from Gurmeet, i was selected. I was taking physics class in my coaching, was explaining the kinetic way of proving the work energy relationships. I quickly noted the A26, Okhla phase 1 address and went there for final interview round with Dhruv and Pallavi again. I wanted to be selected for second round. I took all the magazines articles which was published in Physics for you etc. They asked few questions from mobile telecommunication and i explained drawing all smart illustration on paper. I was selected.

NIIT Delhi south-ex appreciated quite brilliantly me.

Before second round i got a call from NIIT south-ex that i have to report immediately to NIIT with all my documents and passport. i didn’t knew why, i was not knowing that i was selected in IBM. I went there and i was told to meet Sudha Madam. Sudha madam took me to a class and introduced. Meet Rashid, he has cleared IBM offcampus drive. I was treated like a celebrity. I can’t express the joy, happiness and nervousness. This was extremely amazing. Called Abbu immediately. All were very happy. I was in. I got a job.

I was thinking for my established coaching institute. What to do for Spectrum. I had put a lot effort in making my coaching institute a success in locality, and i was thinking now to close it. This was not possible for me to drive both the things. i was not a smart businessman, but only a heart follower. Slowly i moved my students to other institutes. The rivals were happy, and i was also very happy. Did some bridging classes to the BEST institute for three months. IBM induction training and 3-4 hours classes in night. I was very enthusiastic, otherwise this was quite hectic for me.

IBM called us Vitality Hires, and the whole team proved beyond all expectations. I learned a lot. A lot about new things. However somewhere the Physics teacher was lost. I still miss my classes and interactions with a lot students. This is like a situational breakup with an old girlfriend and being married to someone, somehow keeping balance for a happy married life. There is more to regret and much to appreciate.

Lokpal, Corruption, India and We …

Monday, August 15, 2011

Ohh again, so where it is now? Not Jantar Manar, something is going on. I am out of touch to these news channels, so this was news to me. Fight against corruption is again in news. We witnessed Mumbai Blasts. News. Then England Test matches. Great. The whole hue and cry was translated to claps and whistles. We are Indian. News drives us. Ready to be happy again, forgetting the blasts again. Lets enjoy cricket and MSD strategies, till the time a new blast happens.

Then again we will discuss Islam. We have a defined punching bag to strike with. We will keep boxing as long as it suites our adrenaline level. But surely, why the hell should I come out of my comfort shell. Corruption is bad, because I can see the effect to my earnings, and let it be if it do not harm me. If it effects me, then I will discuss at least, otherwise keep it to the business of channels and politicians. I hate Islam, They hate RSS, and Kashmir is an issue, what happened to Godhra, too many flavors to suite. I will pick the course of my tatse. This is India. Guys lets be open and don’t be such a typo psycho.

Do you think Lokpal to be a solution?

To me Lokpal is just another Taj Mahal to roam around. Can you control corruption? We have reason, logic. We are educated and reserve all the rights. What is law? Power takes its course to define, refine and do all sort of stunts with it. And we say the laws are old and inefficient. Who is really impotent? Who is inefficient? No process, no law can ensure anti corruption mindset, unless it comes from inside or is imposed with power in the hands of virtue and love. But, who will decide?

Anna Hazare sb, with all due respect to your initiatives. You can steer people, make turmoil but this will never ensure a bit of improvement. You are missing the key.

So, am i keeping myself to corner and commenting. India can’t be restored on papers and curbing politicians. My solution is what I look to these issues in layers and sub-layers.

To me a layer is where a policeman is interested in patrol when his intent is to have some overtime bucks. There is intent. And intent is corrupt. To me a layer is where a teacher thinks him to be a dictator and decides the fate of student in prejudice. To me a layer is where a lawyer is interested in his case, not in truth. We all know it but do not practice it. To me a layer is the process, which introduces delays in justice, diluting the impact of crime. To me a layer is a clerk, who acts as a zombie to the chain of bribe and money laundering. To me a layer is a political system, where weakness is exploited, where issues are kept alive as keys to play games. To me there are layers; there are many layers, layers and layers. Mindsets are corrupted and no lokpal can make it de-corrupted.

Indian system defines love to country. There are reasons shown. Hate your neighbors and this is equal to the love of your land. Truly. Foreign policies. Bomb blasts. Helpless people. These all are the results of our own selfish tendencies. This universe seeks balance in randomness. Nothing comes straight as a natural course. We must strive and keep constant effort. So we fail on a conceptual layer. Since we define the laws to suite ourselves, we must re-look.

Only for Adults: Of Delhi Belly, F**K, Behen***ds and We.

This post may offend some of my friends, but I would like to take the contents in right perspective. I wanted this post to be more real, however felt shy and not so bold in making it a pornographic flic. I was struggling hard and am in fact to choose words, which I don’t want to use.

July first had been the day of “Delhi Belly”. I hope you guys have enjoyed. I haven’t seen the movie, but can understand the theme as it appears from the promos. Our culture is moving fast with terrific speed. The thin lines of good bad and ugly are fading fast. There is nothing called the “good” or “bad” in this culture, as long as your lust, romance and greed are dipped in your selfish affairs and your soul is satisfied momentarily. Then you jump to next materialistic venture, and next, and next and you consume whole humanity in the name of your entertainment, logic and innocence. This is what they say; the understanding people. I do not agree, Period. This is not easy to dance in steps to be like getting “Sheela Jawan” and “Munni Badnaam”, that’s the way making it an art. Art become culture and we live in it.

We had an occasional gathering at “CC”. We call it “CC” or you may call in “C Square” with a more engineering temperament. So CC is a place near to Jamia where we oldies gather to share good old times. And we have our friend “Jangu Dada” aka Kashif Raza from Navy. So one particular noticeable trait in Jangu is his sense of belongingness in our friend circle. From his tough schedule in merchant navy, whenever he visits Delhi, use to gather most of our friends of Jamia Sr Sec School. We all have some eternal undisclosed bonding, which each of us wanted to relive. Whether it is mysterious look of Tauseef, or peculiar laugh of Chikna (Ahmad Kashif!!!), or the buzzing business of Zahoor. So all different personalities with different flavors trying to exchange the remains of feelings lost over long times.

This is for sure the emotions being genuine but there is something fishy always and I find myself at crossroads of being either vulgar or being friend. Anyway this is my dictionary meaning; however this is also something which keeps me bugging. Usually the talk starts with the light toned pornography like “Aur saale kahan tha,” for sure there is no pornographies in this sentence. It goes to “Teri maa ki, saale … ek phone nahi kar sakta tha”, the friends reciprocate usually “behenchod, phone to utha liya kar …” This is not a fight scene. This is all in friendship. With all smile tenderness and so called “Yaari Dosti”.

So the gathering is getting heated with filthy words, when we get an enlightened voice from a remote corner, “Oye Haramiyon, Madharcodon, Saloan, akele akele party kar rahe ho,” and the croud again reflects “Oye Oye, Behen De Take, Saale Kahan that tu…”. Joy continues.

Often the Indian spicy taste is sometimes pampered with the “Oh Fuck” scenarios. The four letter word has its own significance. With a variety of application in almost all situations. I have seen friends shouting it proudly with dipping their tongue in deep “Shit”. “Oh Shit”, this makes you more modern and keep you apart from the crowds of “desi masala”. I thought this has been limited to male circles however recently I listened one sweet seductive teen shouting “Hey guys, what the fuck is going on …

From where; it all came. In the back of our mind; is it all this polluted pornography going on the whole time? Our tongue behaves like explaining what? Our emotions. Is it the only way to put our emotions out? … “Kya bhai, lets have fun, we do not mean it…”. Of course we do not mean it, so what is the fun making this filth out of our mouth if we do not mean it? Or we do not think while speaking… may be so.

Let me put the focus to the Muslim friends. Muslims consider themselves to be the chosen one and appointed by Allah Almighty for spreading truth, righteousness and eradicating evils. All the life function of a true Muslim should be focused on being a good responsible human first. Do we stand on our principles?

For the purpose of reminder, we have Sura Al Asr,
1. By the essence of all time 2. Verily, all humankind is in deep loss 3. Except those who believed (in the oneness of Allah) and performed good work and reminded each others of the truth and reminded each others to be patient.

No No, being a Muslim is different, how you are connecting these two different plugs? Ok so you speak this dirty, filthy, exotic spice and with the same tongue you recite Holy Quran in Salaah/Namaaz. Don’t You? Don’t you my friend? Think this is the same tongue. Will you prefer your Quran to be in line with a “Shit”, or the “Fucking” parts of speech you talk about? Definitely not. We have done demonstrations, just because someone burnt the Quran, or made Cartoons of our beloved Prophet (pbuh). Are we sensible enough?

Control your tongue. Mind your mind. This is a habit. Answering the three simple questions in grave is not easy. Will we greet the questioning angels with the four letter word F**K or the exotic selection of Indian Masala. Remember, these languages have been developed down under the gutters of Satan’s abode. Salman Rushdie has won a booker using these languages. Do not disguise yourself. Live in the present moment. Control your tongue, and see what change it brings to You and Yourself