La ilaha il-lAl-lah,

I was happy as you spoke the sweet words, you learned pehela kalima, i felt very happy.

Let me share with you some of the grave concerns concerning religion and politics. Since long the quest for power has been vital for human race. There is satan in a continuous effort in making world a place for leisure, lust and desires. Almighty Allah has made it very clear to avoid any confusion, however the strategy of divine plan do not let humanity know the truth at cheaper cost. The continuous quest needed for self realization and understanding is very rare. This leads to religion floating at surface layers hooked by customs and culture. Most of the people are greedy and they are interested only in their own happiness. These vectors make ordinary people fall in the trap of rat race of emotion driven attachment to religion, which can be easily fueled by the ruling elites.

People in politics and those who control system do understand very well the psychology of people. These ordinary people, since they lack understanding are easily manipulated and in the name of religion are used for their benefit. Some people are proud in Muharram Juloose, and some in Ramnavmi parades. They show their strength by making a public show of swords and treeshools. How angry they are? How rude they are? How stupid they are? The discourse of killing people, in the name of Ram, or establishing Ram Rajya, fuel them with a satisfaction of holiness. Same is with others as well. They rape, kill and destroy and this bloody game is religion to them.

Don’t be disguised. Quran says “La ikraha fid-deen“, better listen Quran, read it and understand it. They will criticize, and will laugh on you. However this should not be a matter of discouragement for you. Truth is that the Quran is the only book, meant for the guidance of people for this generation and the implementation manual is described in details in Sunnah of our beloved prophet Muhammad (pbuh). So better read, practice and concentrate on self righteousness.

Avoid stupid discussions. You are accountable for your deeds. Even prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was not successful in convincing all. The job is to convey the message. Convey the message with dignity. If they agree, well, otherwise do not ponder in exaggerated explanations. How will you test? This is simple. The point you feel, you are getting angry, stop. And turn away. Seek Allah’s forgiveness and make Duaa to increase Imaan. To foolish is his anger and pride. Good people learn to lose with dignity than to win on false grounds. This is not easy. Holding emotion is like holding a burning lava in hand. So drop it quickly. Don’t get burned. Your win or lose is not the criteria for your success. Your success criteria is your intention, taqwa and Aamal.

Establishing the deen of Allah is Farz on Muslim Ummah. However the accountability and responsibility vary in the way that all of us are not having the same boundary conditions. Do not ever make any hasty decision in emotion. For any act and decision you must be enough knowledgeable to comprehend and apply in yourself first, before you jump to others.

So, good to start with “Jihad-e-Nafs”, listen to enlightened souls, be open to fresh ideas and attain moral excellence as demonstrated by our beloved prophet Muhammad (pbuh)