The Obvious Crime of Dr. Zakir Naik.

In a casual discussion some of my friends says Dr. Naik demean and mocks other religions. He says only Islam is the best religion.

When truth is presented, its our attitude which decide how we take it. Dr. Naik talks equally about the wrong practices of Islam which has attracted a sizeable opposition in muslim community as well.

Those people who are not ready to accept the truth will always find good speech, advise and deeds offensive. They say there is no absolute right and wrong. Whatever suits to our taste, desires, logic and understanding is right. They think morality as an evolutionary process, and don’t expect any criticism from holy scriptures. To them holy scriptures are just for bookshelves, an identity to belong to, a tool to be executed in the matter of life, death and special occasions. This is darkness, disbelief and superstition. They stand for “don’t preach, and don’t correct, we are happy”. They don’t want to offload burden of ignorance, custom, culture and developed hatred they carry for others.

Dr. Naik do not say undermine any other religion or culture however he corrects people’s belief and call for what is in the scriptures to be followed.

However this calls people to change and follow the true religion. Most of the people with their continued disbelief have hardened their heart so much that any correction call seems offensive and satanic proud calls for rejection.

This is not religion A vs. religion B. This is about a personal inclination towards goodness. If we do not want to be good and do not get an urge for moral upliftment, we resist and follow our desires.

These are the same people who conspired with Roman Empire against Jesus(pbuh). These are the same people who killed Gandhi. MalcomX and JFK. They can’t handle truth. “You smell logical, truth, … Well” Bang. You are dead. Echo my sentiments, else face the wrath of my sentimental lynching.

These are the same people who stoned Muhammad(pbuh) in Taif. We are in power, we are more, we control politics. How dare you stand with your truth?

These are the same who boycotted Rasulullah(pbuh) in Makkah. The same evildoers of no consciousness.

Dr Naik. Dr Zakir Naik is fortunate to live the life of those who we take as an inspiration. It’s a victory to stand on truth like a lion and be killed rather hiding, killing self consciousness and to be in herd of greedy wolves.


Screen Shot 2019-04-20 at 8.33.20 pm

Following verses are from Holy Quran worth reminding.

Holy Quran Chapter 22, 52-60

Satan’s Influence

52. Whenever We sent a messenger or a prophet before you ˹ O Prophet ˺ and he recited ˹ Our revelations ˺, Satan would influence ˹ people’s understanding of ˺ his recitation. But ˹ eventually ˺ Allah would eliminate Satan’s influence. Then Allah would ˹ firmly ˺ establish His revelations. And Allah is All-Knowing, All-Wise. 53. All that so He may make Satan’s influence a trial for those ˹ hypocrites ˺ whose hearts are sick and those ˹ disbelievers ˺ whose hearts are hardened. Surely the wrongdoers are totally engrossed in opposition. 54. ˹ This is ˺ also so that those gifted with knowledge would know that this ˹ revelation ˺ is the truth from your Lord, so they have faith in it, and so their hearts would submit humbly to it. And Allah surely guides the believers to the Straight Path. 55. Yet the disbelievers will persist in doubt about this ˹ revelation ˺ until the Hour takes them by surprise, or the torment of a terminating[ 664] Day comes to them.

Justice on Judgment Day

56. All authority on that Day is for Allah ˹ alone ˺.[ 665] He will judge between them. So those who believe and do good will be in the Gardens of Bliss. 57. But those who disbelieve and deny Our revelations, it is they who will suffer a humiliating punishment. 58. As for those who emigrate in the cause of Allah and then are martyred or die, Allah will indeed grant them a good provision. Surely Allah is the Best Provider. 59. He will certainly admit them into a place they will be pleased with. For Allah is truly All-Knowing, Most Forbearing.

Divine Justice

60. That is so. And whoever retaliates in equivalence to the injury they have received, and then are wronged ˹ again ˺, Allah will certainly help them. Surely Allah is Ever-Pardoning, All-Forgiving.

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