$2.12 Sex.

The subject of women safety, empowerment and equal rights have been always an interesting topic for media. Talking the issue in Indian context, the rape incidents serve just one tool in the hand of politicians and media circuits to capitalise the event. I never get the point of heated debate, water cannon agitations and cursing the ruling government. If we think logically we have enough rules, legislations and administrative infrastructure to deal with these incidents. However in spite of all the massive police force and intellectually enlightened population of metros the cases of sexual offence seems not to be subsiding.

It is interesting though to note that people in general do not have a definite moral stand on the validity of goodness for the offences. Personally to my knowledge more than 90% of colleagues and people i know from India use sexist slangs in informal chats. They keep on having a browsing eyes to women and do not consider this to be an offence. This is quite natural to men in general and is considered cool to use “F” and “M” and other words to give a subconscious sense of sexual offence while joking and checking out the next walking girl on street. They think themselves responsible enough and the act to be mature enough. There is no good and bad to it, that’s what they say.

In general everyone is having a single opinion over gender discrimination, harassments, molestation and rape. However when it comes to nudity, pornography, prostitution, drugs and alcohol the opinion differs. Let’s think a bit more.

In a recent news (NDTV/Washington Post) on 29th November 2015 there was a disturbing news. Actually not so disturbing. As i discussed with few people and most of them do not give any uncomfortable gesture. The news was over the condition of Greek women and the prostitution market. It says:

“Young Greek women are selling sex for the price of a sandwich as six years of painful austerity has pushed the European country to the financial brink, a new study showed Friday.”

Read full story : https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/young-greek-women-selling-sex-for-the-price-of-a-sandwich-new-study-shows/2015/11/27/c469695e-94d9-11e5-b5e4-279b4501e8a6_story.html

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If this news was published in a way that in Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Iraq or Iran or any muslim society the condition of women is such and such then of course, well we can imagine the overflow of anti Islamic sentiments.

This is quite possible many rich Indians would have planned their trip to Greece. You don’t get such bargains daily.

The point here is that if a society accepts selling sex as a commodity, they should not complain about harassment, abuse and rape. Once you are in market and you sell “nudity” in the name of art, practice informal sexist remarks in the name of “free speech”and cheat your partners, as a society you do not hold any moral standard for men women relationship. In the absence of standards you can’t define rules and eventually this hits back occasionally.

Some of my friend think prostitution is OK. There is nothing wrong in it. However if i ask them if they would like their sisters, mothers, wife and relatives in the business; some says No and some sports a casual yes silence. Well if it generates money its OK. If you endorse such view how can you complain about a poor who do not get a good sex experience and is frustrated with his spouse. If he sees a beautiful girl passing by he is just attempting to fulfil his need which the society as a whole has allowed in the name of art and culture. For him she is not a rape victim. She is just an unwilling sperm recipient.

We are equipping young generation with sick minds by allowing free pornography, underprivileged with drugs and alcohol to get themselves free. Prostitution as a free market where all the foundation of family values are massacred. Once the hearts and minds are corrupted, there is no turning back. Addiction demands more and there are plenty of options. If not, while drunk, they lose control and seek what some society elites term as crime.

Rape incidents are the outcome of hypocritical stand of society over moral standards. Period.

In coming times and is happening recently, that this business of seeking desires is promoted as escort services and other heavy dictionary terms. You will either loose the definition of family and will exist as a singular fun seeking creature like Satan, or will experience intermittent jerks of rape incidents. You will never be safe in balancing morality and your desires.


In the absence of moral standards in current society, Islam is the only way which defines and maintains the morality of women, family values and society. To know further i encourage readers to go through following Videos.

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