Universe and Hereafter Part 1

First Part: This article of mine was a translation in Urdu of the original work by Dr Humayun Khan. This discusses about universe, big bang, crunch and hereafter signs.


Rafeeq-E-Manzil Oct 2001


Universe and Hereafter’s Concept1


Universe and Hereafter’s Concept2


Universe and Hereafter’s Concept3

The wearable prophecy

In reference to the following news it is worth noting what was prophesied almost 1400 years ago.


If your socks told your feet how to run faster, would you wear them? If a camera embedded in your scarf filmed your daily interactions, would you wear it? Do you use even half the functions your smartwatch offers?


“Wild animals and inanimate objects will speak – The end of a whip will speak A shoelace will speak – A man’s thigh will give news of his family

The Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) related to us that among the signs of the Hour is that wild animals will speak, the end of a whip will speak, a shoelace will speak, and a man’s thigh will speak!

Abu Sa‘eed Al-Khudri narrated that the Messenger of Allah (Peace Be Upon Him) said, “By the One in Whose Hand is my soul, the Hour will not begin until wild animals speak to men, until the end of a man’s whip and his shoelace speak to him, and his thigh tells him news of his family after he left.”
“Until wild animals speak,” refers to animals such as lions,”

“Some researchers have stated that what is meant by the end of the whip, the shoelace, and the thigh speaking are modern means of communication that have been invented in our own era, such as mobile phones and means of listening which can transmit the smallest and faintest sounds.
It has also been suggested that this should be understood according to the apparent meaning, which is that whips, shoelaces, and thighs will speak real words. Allah knows best.”

It is interesting to note the following news and the technological advancements happening which seems like the fulfilment of said prophecy.


Diplomacy = Calculated Hypocrisy

This may not be true in all situations (not generalised), however in most cases: Yes.

I have been observing and discussing about the apparent misconceptions around the terms “Progress”, “Development” and “Prosperity”. Apart from the dictionary meaning, in the context of socio-political sphere these words are grossly misused and are used as a tool for fooling (rather providing a comforting feeling) to general masses.

This is good in health of any ruling class to make the people victims of their own complain. Let’s consider the situation of public institutions. What i call in current India as “Institutional Failure” is a result of development propaganda. Public institutions which are in control of government’s policies and procedures are gradually deteriorated and at times politicians make “people” feel guilty as they are the problem themselves. Keeping the corruption, bureaucracy and all behind-the-scene “understandings” in place. It is all due to population growth and opposition propaganda. Keep moving.

One live example of such a nature is swachch-bharat-abhiyan. Cleanliness drive is good. In general this applies to individual, family, community and state layer. However the political leadership should not blanket the “Institutional Failures” of “Municipal Corporations” and make this issue an inspirational drive at people layer. If political leadership is really concerned in making cleanliness as a genetic default of our neighbourhood they should operate at the layer where they are supposed to. Elected representatives are responsible for maintaining and keeping government institutions self oiled and corruption free. Keep the individual inspirational work to the social leaders of communities. Solve the problem at the layer you are responsible for.

Another example of such nature in recent times is the beef ban issue. If government is really serious about saving Cows, they should first stop the beef export. However as this will hamper the political nexus between corporates and social elites, they will rather “export beef” and will keep a vicious atmosphere of social unrest in stopping in-house beef consumption. This is a dual blade sword. Communalism serves the electoral agenda and who cares what is happening at higher layers? This is a proud feeling for most of the Pro-Hindu population to see a PM who is silent over minority issues, has a record of anti-minority sentiment and emerges as a Hindu leader to establish a hindu state. At last.

The Indian politics is undergoing a majoritarian treatment and is unhealthy in many ways. However we can not ignore the development factor. The development perceived to general masses is not the result of a bold political leadership for people, rather is a greedy nexus between corporates and politicians. People who are mesmerised and hypnotised with the fantasies of their sentimental win will thrive so as long they are not struck with social injustice and resulting crimes. The greedy nexus between corporates and politicians exists at the cost of “Institutional Failures” in public space. This is blinded to masses with the glitters and glamours of political stunts which feed their sentiments.

There is always a sugar coated or twisted-truth hypocrisy which is advocated as diplomacy. Failure of such true lies in home is communal riots and in foreign affairs is terrorism incidents. Hope we understand and learn the basics.


Just to keep stuffs on record.

Darbhanga is a constituency ruled by BJP since last 4-5 terms. Let’s talk the self-driven improvements.

There are two types of developments one can expect from a MP/MLA (ruling party). [1] One is to address the issues in hand related with public safety, health and wellbeing including all administrative functioning. [2] Second is the political leadership bringing improvement and changes to the society, which society themselves do not realise as a problem as they may be busy in day to day problems.

Few Examples of category [2].

  1. There are two famous tower in Darbhanga and the clocks are stuck since decades. They [BJP] do not have love and care for the city’s oldest and only landmark.
  2. Mr Kirti Azad is a sportsman and there is no sports facility in his constituency. Many of the sports clubs have died and city is having no sports spirit. Does this justify Mr. Azad’s resume?
  3. There is severe health and safety issues in Darbhanga. Darbhanga is identified with the pollutions around DMCH.
  4. There is no park available for kids.
  5. Administrations. Well don’t talk about it.

To look into the issues we need someone who loves the city and owns the issues to fix it without any electoral or personal benefit.

In general politicians keep the issues and problems in a constituency unsolved. There is a carrot and greed approach where majority of ignorant mass is herd with either religious/cast sentiments or with a fear of national security which never exist.

The vicious mindset of supporting a party for the sake of national cause and electing incompetents as a local leaders serve to both party and local greedy MLAs/MPs. “Party agenda is always treated greater than national interest and political class responds to vote banks not individual concerns”.

This is obvious that Mrs Bedi has a personal and professional linking for BJP and will hit any opportunity in favouring in supporting her case against rest. If she is truthful and really concerned why don’t she open her eyes to the constituencies which are in BJP rulings?