in Tolerance with India

Don’t go too far, Let’s start with home.

[Timeless] In India it is very obvious to see sentiments clash. In a typical saas-bahu [mother-in-law daughter-in-law] relationship, an ideal bahu will carry all the sentimental burden of saas and husband must complement the sentiments. Here bahu is a minority figure and her virtue is counted in countless tears of self sacrifice and what not. Ohhh, she is quite well, “sanskari” and traditional. That’s how we treat sentiments.

Shit Sentiments. Horrible sentiments.

Any change in the status quo of perception for sentiments carrying activity is termed rebellious and ungrateful. This result in kids disobeying parents, and often suicide to compensate dowry etc. But we do not like to talk the ugly truth. Bahu was not cultured. Let’s move on.

Carrying the burden of sentiments is outcome of a weak subjugated mindset which fear freedom. Period. Indian society is plagued with a lot issues which they themselves do not want to identify. Instead these issues and vulnerability are used as a tool to steer power in political quarters. People remain happy and content to focus, discuss and act on superficial issues which keep society divided and their Gods celebrated. No matter what was the past, i support “THIS GUY”. He is my God.

Historical Recaps:


[1991] We got the black and white TV set in 90s when Ramayana serial was about to end. Excited.

There was curfew on street. In Love with Ram.

Not because of Ramayana serial on DD1 cause some communal tensions, but because it glued every citizen to the TV sets irrespective of religious association. I personally was a big admirer of the grace of Ram’s character. I used to dress myself like Ram and made many bows and arrows.

[1992] Then Mr Advani and Vajpayee started the infamous “Rath Yatra” and subsequent Mumbai blasts and people were divided.

Screen Shot 2019-03-12 at 10.26.19 am

There was curfew again. Now this was to establish the communal lines. [otherwise people will be questioning development, scams, rights etc.]

I was in class 2. Terrified.

Terrified. This issue of Mandir-Masjid could have been solved peacefully over the times if there was no GREED for political power. Coming generation will not give a damn of what these KarSevaks did. These issues will die its natural death, only if politicians wanted, or had a vision. But they need Power. Greedy Shits.

[1992] “We have kicked your Allah to Sky and Ram will rule in India”. Said Ravi. My classmate. His cunning smile and tone. I was puzzled but was speechless.

[1992] I thought Ram symbolises grace, truth, justice and love. How come followers are like arrogant Ravanas.

[1992] This changed the course of sentiments to millions of people to follow politics in India. Politics centred to Mandir-Masjid disputes.

[As Usual] This is how the seed of polarisation is planted to reap the political dividend in long terms. Then as usual the good and not-so-good faces were projected with a team of able team and BJP came in power. Politics as usual.

[1990-1992] Meanwhile Amir’s Papa Kehte Hain and Salman’s Kabootar ja ja ja were hitting every street and paan-corners. People’s discussion were not same. They have no choice but to become the pawn of political conspiracies. Politicians were successful in demonising a community against other community and rest was just a number game.

[Currently] Majority need an identity to reckon with. No matter if they are rapist, robbers, criminals or what not; If they represent my sentiments they are my Gods [by the way My Sentiment is National Interest and all others are anti-National]. Democracy’s biggest flaw is in numbers. Here heads count not mind.

Screen Shot 2019-03-12 at 10.19.00 am

Zoomed Out:

The success of all the past political stunts has resulted in:

  1. Majority population believing in proxy dictator based rulings where majority culture symbolise national identity.
  2. Minority population being played victim card and be used as a fuel to ignite new political scenarios.
  3. In painting muslim identity as a global problem and specifically linked with Pakistan.
  4. Politicians using communal crowd sourcing as means of striking dent into the communal harmony. Fostering the non-state players like RSS, ShivSena, Hindu Mahasabha etc. and proxy benefitting electorally.
  5. Maintaining a vibrant environment of fear, chaos and mistrust so that the upper layer corruption and elite class misadventures are always shielded. Corruption itself is like a minority issue. Project it when some benefit is sought.

Who remembers old corruption, usual suspects and black money any more?

I wonder how educated class fall pray to these uneducated criminals in supporting them as they play politics of blood. May be they are not educated in first place.

The Amir Mess #AmirKhan

Dear Amir,

Celebrities live on the supporting sentiments of public in general. More like politicians. However unlike Politicians you do not have a choice to offend the sentiments of a general section of masses, as it will be a loose-loose situation, no matter which side you are. Your survival is embedded in your diplomacy in saluting the sentiments of your fan. At times you have to kill your own personal definition of right and wrong, just to be diplomatically correct. [anyway this is not what i feel is a right approach, but for your survival sake].

If we look closely there is a sudden rise in collective sentiments of “Hindu Nationalism”. Nationalism is re branded and any slightest criticism makes an individual anti national. There are reasons to that. This is not common for a poor man to be killed as he was suspected to consume beef and a victim of majoritarian sentiments, this is a life long sleeping demon awake with the people in power. However as you need to maintain your fan base you must grow a thick layer in ignoring the social issues. You live for the sake of Box Office and your artistic pursuit so you can have a kite flying experience with NaMo. Learn to survive like Salman. How his case is adjusted in caring for the political motives and mass sentiments.

This incident gives you an opportunity to introspect. What you do? Why you do? To whom you do? You can not be a socialist and entertainer at the same time. Sometimes truth stands with minority and sometimes majority is downsized with falsehood. Do you have courage to compromise your artistic career for the sake of standing on truth, or serving a cause? If not, it is futile.

I would take this opportunity to invite you and think a bit of the overall objective of Films fraternity. It starts with art, drama and cultural events and in the end it is all about money, fame, glamour and power. Most of the big celebrities, even if they do not realise need to keep customer happy. 

Take your side. Are you in or Not.

Screen Shot 2019-03-12 at 10.31.32 am

Leaving iSlam



As with quadratic outcomes these two events happened simultaneously. One of my friend left Islam and i met a person who accepted Islam without a logical reason. He just got peace while in Islam. However, inspirational drives and spontaneous decisions are always fragile. To accept a lifestyle we need conviction.

While discussing with the non-believer (ex muslim) i came across many arguments which are very much self explanatory and do not contradict any scientific facts. When i clarified; the discussion hopped on to different questions and then casual laugh and emotional discharges which was difficult for me to handle, so i left the discussion. I generally avoid any discussion which is having any slightest hint of contempt among the idea being discussed. If you are to be firm in what you believe and violate the logic and reasoning and ridicule with occasional LOLs i love to be defeated. Pride, ego, contempt and envy is satanic and i say “Auzubillah himinash shaitan-nir-rajeem“.

One of the argument discussed was about the story of DhulQarNayn in chapter 18 verse 86. This was quite self explanatory that Quran do not say that the Sun sets in a muddy ground, but refers to the psychology/observation of DhulQarNayn that he found Sun to be setting in a Spring of dark mud.

[Until, when he reached the setting of the sun, he found it [as if] setting in a spring of dark mud, and he found near it a people. Allah said, “O Dhul-Qarnayn, either you punish [them] or else adopt among them [a way of] goodness.]

There are plenty of references where the verse is explained :

Plus there was a Hadith where Prophet refers Sun to sets in hot spring of water. If we do some research we may find this to be erroneous as well :

Leaving apart the points of criticism, the only scientific piece of verification about the “celestial orbits and planetary motion” is mentioned in Quran. The only book with a reference to “Big Bang theory” is the Quran.

Recently i watched this video []. Well the verse 5:47 is about the original Injeel which was revealed to Jesus for Jews and Quran says: This is obligatory for them to follow them. This stands true and as Old Testament and Jesus’s prophecy commands to follow Muhammad (pbuh), Christians and Jews should follow. However if you take verses out of context and water-shed the translations, may Allah save you. Plus the logic of other guy in same video in the end (Nabeel Q) is not right. It is said about those who followed Torah to follow Torah and Torah prophesied Muhammad (pbuh) in clear Hebrew language []. People should have a look on the reference. Muhammad is mentioned by name in Original scriptures Song of Solomon 5:16 :

And they disable the comment section in YouTube. Bravo.

One more observation for this guy Nabeel Q about 15:91. Just to enlighten audience to me as a general reader of Quran, this talks about those who take Quran’s text in bits and pieces and give a different meaning as the people in video are doing.

[And together with the Pagans they used their underhand scheming to discredit the Quran by fragmenting it into parts, labelling some as sheer poetry, some as legendary and others as divinatory, and fed the pilgrims thoughts with their falsehood.]

If you really want to live a life of joy, pleasure, lust, romance and freedom what you comprehend, no one will stop you. Go and seek. However if you genuinely want to counter an argument counter it like a man of understanding. Present the argument or fact which can be debated. This will require you to study, learn and devote time. At times we don’t have time. We love partying, fun, drinks, laughs, lust and fall pray to the admirations which we love to be with. We do not have time, and if have some, we use it in criticising which we do not want to understand. I call this Satanic.

If you find your life fulfilling and peaceful without Islam, its OK. Islam says “There is no compulsion in religion”. In the day of judgement when Allah will ask a person to be set himself free of hellfire in exchange of all worldly benifits, he will say “Yes”. However Allah asked only to believe in the miracles which was bestowed on us and nothing more. This is called bankruptcy and people will wish to be dirt rather being human. []

Allah will not send you in hellfire as you are not a muslim. Instead humans will come with a load of sins. Allah will definitely ask: “Did you make use of the framework i sent to you via Prophet Muhammad to get rid of the sins?”. This framework is Islam. If we fail to make use of it in safeguarding ourselves, its our failure.

We will show them Our signs in the horizons and within themselves until it becomes clear to them that it is the truth. But is it not sufficient concerning your Lord that He is, over all things, a Witness?

I feel myself blessed with the knowledge of Urdu, Hindi, English, Arabic (basics), my early study in Islam and Almighty’s blessings that i can understand and comprehend where seekers of this world get pleasure and bliss in darkness of evils.