The PK perspective: Jo Dar Gaya Woh Mandir Gaya

Any excellent idea, event or personality has always been a hostage of people’s restricted imagination. Be it the idea of Swaraj in Indian context, effort of AAP or restless effort of Arvind Kejriwal. This is not new for a concept victimised by general masses. Those mind who can not comprehend beyond people to people interactions are bound to criticise ideas.

The idea is to get people moving and over the times the best approach practiced was to instill greed and fear. This is quite an irony that the authentic teachings of any religion is to make people free from all desires which take the form of greed and fear, however on ground if we observe the very ground reality is quite opposite. People use religion as a tool to wrap their greed and fear around and sound holy. Often religion is used as a window to vent the emotions of anger out and worship the self greed of worldly desires. People worship since they need security from unknown fears as if someone will harm them and God will save them, or they need benefits in this world or hereafter. This vicious cycle of thought process which circles around the concept of fear and greed is well accepted to masses and then Religion; the cure to humanity is made a subject of fancy criticism.

At the same time i am not against and not contradicting the belief i carry as a Muslim. The belief around heaven, hell, angels, devils and supreme God is still intact and i never find myself in a position to bring greed or fear out of basic principles to live a peaceful life in this world. There is a sharp contrast. Personally to me hellfire and heavenly comfort is not such a source of fear and greed to drive my religious practice. These are the unseen concepts which is part of our belief system as these are taught and described in holy book and prophet (pbuh) confirmed about it. The real driver of a practice is how much you gain personally in performing an act. This is not that you please Allah with your rituals and make the divine happy, [the real point is] but you gain moral lessons and a chance to introspect which make you good “and in turns Allah become happy with you”. If a religious practice do not translate in realizing your own self, your own introspection and make you humble, calm and follower of good deeds then you are either becoming greedy or driving yourself out of fear.

So PK is right. Most of us go to Mandir or Masjid in certain defined cases. Either we are full of fear and need a quick escapism to avoid and face reality, or with full of greed to ask our God for special favors. I call this spiritual bureaucracy. This feeling is hijacked by Mullahs and Pandits and they benefit with funds from “green chadars at dargah” or “special VIP lines at Sai Baba Mandirs”. Those who are blessed go there if they get a new car or get married in order to satisfy the fear psyche of superstitious beliefs of going things wrong. How on earth a God will give a damn of your happiness of getting a car which is even not designed safe on Indian roads.

PK hits right. Religious corruption is the mother of all corruption. It blinds your eyes and make you asleep.

Discussing Differences

The interesting part of all human endeavor is that the one interested in solving the problem gets only limited 60-70 years where (s)he is continuously evolving and learning. So is it worth trying changing the world? Our beliefs, thoughts and action are so fragile and getting molded over the times. We all keep arguing, convincing and demonstrating our point of view. At times indulge in endless debates. The continuous flow of analyzing and interpreting history, experiences and perceived knowledge in deciding good and bad of this world goes on. Endless.

This is very common in discussion that we elevate an issue to an intellectual height and try others to comply to the ideal utopian situation. No one disagrees with the utopia however if people agree to it on face value; the reality of non-conformity of actions will make people feel hypocrite. In situations most of us need a confirmation on the thought we present and the defeat of people around is taken as a subject of teaching the fellow. This never works. This creates chaos and the whole purpose of healthy discourse is nullified.

All of us carry three Influence Domain (ID). The one ID is the self ID. How much we influence ourselves to follow a good idea. Without going to ask “why don’t they think like me?”, self ID takes in account how much we follow the same idea and how coherent “I am” in my thoughts and talks. And how much coherent “I am” in my talks and action. The difference between our thoughts and talks is “Hypocrisy” and the difference between our talks and action is “Personality Corruption”. Self ID should be of high integrity. When you advise others the correct way to Salah you must first think how punctual are you in Salah? At a level next you may think further to an ideal conceptual height about the ultimate objective and connection. This will make yourself more interested in enhancing self ID.

It is interesting to note that the ideal perfect practices are not to be discussed and debated, however it is a matter of devotion and practice. The gray areas of disagreement should not lit brighter than the shiny colorful fruits of benefits.

We quickly jump on the next Influence Domain i.e. Neighbors Domain. What prompts us to correct others? This is the key to ask. Do we really love a person and want that person to change or we need a certification of approval from my friend over my process of execution of certain stuffs. At times mostly we treat ourselves on the righteous origin and try to change the world. Please note that behavior changing is not an instantaneous affair. In whatever religion or school of thought you believe in there is always a space to accept the differences and do not make “Love” as a hostage of “Rules”. Either you love your neighbor or not, this is always hypocritical if you bring abstract rules to justify love and hatred.

This is really impossible if you want to bring people across family, friends, community and country to same method of executing things. This will never happen as this has never happened ever in history. The more you try, the more you will kill. You may justify this in the name of religion, nationality or hypothetical geographical border. The real solution is self awareness and being patient in understanding others. This may take ages or may not happen in your lifetime, however your effort will transcends to coming generations.

The third ID is what you establish with you and your’s true believe. Whether it is God as you conceptualize in religion or your raw intellect in Atheism. This is your affair, your sincerity and your fuel which defines you and your intent.

My “Ghar Wapsi” to a new Faith,

When Anna was in its peak and the duo rather trio Kejriwal and Kiran Bedi were waving tricolor, i predicted the future and it stands true. I do not wanted to sound pessimist however can not appreciate the false hopes and greedy dreams either.

At a higher layer a country is defined by its resources, internal and external policies and most importantly by its people and culture. If we define a hierarchy of layers people exist at the lowest layer, then families, and communities and then a rule or law set to get these communities living and working together. The progress and prosperity of a country depends on how communities in a country gel together and achieve common goals needed for socio-economic goals.

If we look carefully, a strong people to people relation define a strong family. A family is defined in a way we appreciate relationships and carry intangible values. These values are derived from cultural values or religious teachings. A strong bonding in family and healthy culture in home creates a strong fabric where positive qualities and firm foundations are laid for successful personal development. This relation transcends across families and to the communities. Likewise healthy families constitutes healthy communities who appreciate the qualities of each other and happily accept differences. No two person, family or community is alike in qualities and differences. However if we understand differences well we can celebrate the differences rather making it a point of envy and good/bad discussion.

So the set of communities define the national fabric. The strength of this fabric results in peace and security. All the national efforts and activities should work in a way or another to make this fabric strong. There is not a single way. There is not the Only way. The key to make strong bonding is to appreciate what is common across the community and inculcate a culture where similarities are encouraged. The second part of this key is to clearly understand the differences we see across communities and make ourselves aware that any Politician, Religious Scholar or any Influential person do not take advantage of the difference and plant the seed of hatred. If we understand the difference and celebrate it in healthy way; this will eradicate the hatred and envy.

These are the people who take hold of family and communities and participate in electoral processes and form government. Hate mongers do not parachute from Mars. These are the people in our neighborhood and they take control over the society simply because good people do not come out and practice good practices and fail to appreciate similarity and celebrate differences. This goes like old saying “your mind is like a field, if you don’t plant flowers, weeds will grow”.

What is “Ghar-Wapsi” and all the fuss around conversions. We all go through so many thought conversion each day. In this global age we have gone through so many Ghar-Wapsi in the field of technology, cultural influence and socio-economic change. Do we really care to make it a political issue? Give people the freedom of choice and let them follow what they want. If political class actually want a real conversion they should be concerned with the daunting tasks of “poor” to “prosperous” conversion. The question is how people define politician’s electoral agenda and development fall pray to it?