Dishonesty is a subject of personal choice for many. The extent depends on how much you think is dishonest. This is sometimes hard to let others know about the practiced dishonesty, since it comes with a cost. This is not materialistic exchange all the times, this may be intangible entities which defines you.

We all are dishonest at some level. Sometimes our perception of friendship is so strong with a friend that we never return what we owe to him (money, material or smile,). He is my good friend and he will not feel bad. If he feels bad, he is not good friend.

The biggest of all vulnerability is people getting affected and moved by others. People tend to forget themselves and mostly they live in a dishonest aura of imagination. People think they have been doing great and there is no harm in thinking so. The problem arises when they make arguments, fights, cunning moves and loose talks to justify self importance on top of graveyards of their in-competencies. You got to know something, wait, think and decide, before you start shaping your emotions in words.

Inspiration and achievement vs hearsay and complain are two different paradigm. If we are fueled with rage and ignorance, we will never be inspired. Wet trees don’t get fire. Rage and ignorance comes with believing in rumors. This could be the flattering talks from your subordinates or colleagues, or people who pity on you because you give them opportunity to comment on your situation. They may say “why you work so hard, others don’t do, they get same salary”. If we lack the mass of our own ideology, we float in any direction, any one can blow them with their ideology. Having mass do not mean to be so heavy to get changed. But, it should be intrinsic, noise free.

We meet people who whine all the times for current system. The problems, incompetent people around, process lapse and comparisons with an imaginary ideal fairyland. Neither they want to make a move, nor they know what to do next in fixing the issues in hand. The comparison often goes with where they were working before. They say their past was a silver screen and they achieved so much, the system was perfect etc. but at the same time complain about what is present and hide the intrinsic of their weakness by discussing weakness of process, people and technology around.

We all are in a situation which is the result of two main factors. Our qualities and and in-competencies. Qualities forces us Northbound, whereas incompetency drifts us Southbound. How fast and how far you will move up is determined by how much thrust you get to move up. It comes with your innocence and performance.

This do not mean to be always submerged in the realization of your weakness. The idea is to know what we present to others and do not go beyond limits set by our genuine consciousness in exaggerating self. We should take healthy move and should channelize our energy in knocking the right door, unlocking the right locks, solving the real issues. This is called maturity and is different than talking issues.