Moses, Jesus and AK45

Well, the screw driver is slipping again against the defined shape of status quo. Truth is trapped once more since it is not supposed to take violent form. Since it ceases the existence of nobility and simplicity it is not allowed in general.

The saviour of lost sheep of Israel was prosecuted against his own people. People whom he cared for. People whom he loved but all said at a stage,”Why to rebel against Caesar”, let’s accept Caesar’s authority and be diplomatic.

Did Jesus answered the call?

Did Kejriwal answered the threat? 

Will he stand against the level of torment once experienced?

Jesus created Anarchy, so did Muhammad and Abraham (pbuta). Krishna created Anarchy so did Ram. Every act of establishing “Kingdom of Heaven/Ram Rajya/Aman” is Anarchy to corrupt souls.

The sharp contrast reflected is observed only to those who have wisdom. Low interest rates and booming economy calculation in terms of GDP and Forex is more curse than cure. The little untold secrets of “religion” and “economics” is untold to masses. And the politicians play with these two keys.

Reason: People do not want to understand the simple complex terms and definitions which make them uncomfortable. They rather prefer to sleep in matrix of materialistic acquisitions. Work hard, be workaholic and follow TV. To get the unrest of soul discounted, believe in something which drifts you from the reality. So better sleep and work. Embracing reality is painful. Real embracement will make you stand and this will be painful. People rather prefer drawing-room couch, Newshour, Arnab and Kiran. And for a change of taste, Kofee with Karan.

The irony of situation is that the hooked matrix mental aptitude is stuck between personalities of political gimmicks. They have developed a sacred devotion in those who think are the next avatars of corruption busters. Be ready for a series of injustice again. This time with a new colour, smell and style.

He is like an innocent child. Nimble. Quick. Clear. Now. He just can not tolerate. He just can not moderate. Any diplomacy which sacrifices principles. He has got his Fundamentals intact. He is weak in politicizing and reaping benefit out of event. People coin events with intent. So let them be. This is how the history is.

The mountains of corruption, dishonesty, immorality and disbelieve are shouting again at “Moses”.

Will you be able to convince the Pharaoh. 

Will you be able to control Egypt? 

Will you be able to save Israel?

Moses is calm, composed and writing history with his bare stick.

The rise of an ideology

The truth is that people discuss only people and most of them are selfish to their own ideology. Why he did this, why he did that? To most of the people their problem matters and i see people need quick solutions to their problems. Acidity. Eno. It acts fast.

The way they worship stones, graves, mazaars and peers, saints and yes of course politicians. The lazy dumbs expect some miracle. Yes, he is the man. He belongs to my community. He can bring change and lets associate the devotional feelings with this leader.

Laziness resist change. In particular a change which enables people to act. And in the due course every system become against to that ideology. Till the time promises are made a dreamy affair is established and people feel happy that something good is going to happen, and then they criticise the same people whom they elected, as criticism is also a source of happiness. Since i criticise so i am right.

Whenever any move, any act become personality dependent, it is bound to fail. Do we have the ideology which transcends the masses? Which party reflects the boldness of ideology greater than the personified leadership?

Swaraj is unique. Swaraj is the Indian way. Very few understand this in Indian context. Corruption is not the big headlines in news and some big politicians starting personal benefits. Corruption starts with the negligence and laziness we feel in implementing laws in our life. The act of outsourcing the system to few selected hands. We feel secure as there is no immediate challenge. And yes he is from my community so if he take a little advantage what is the big deal? This is corruption. People often deal with the symptoms of corruption, not THE CORRUPTION. The root cause is still in safe hands of selected fews. The mainstream political party Congress and BJP are taking advantage of the corruption phenomena in order to steer power in their court.

Corruption is worshipping stones in a way to expect miracles. Religion is not the garbage box to vent all your weakness and reckless emotions in the name of God. Religion is realisation of your own power in discovering the fact that man is nothing and the pride, greed and wicked desires need to be in constant control as we are all answerable to each other and to the Almighty.

While i was interested long time back in understanding the Islamic implementation of political environment i see many things happening now. People might say i am advocating Islam now, however this is not the case. Islamic laws are far more easy to implement if we have righteous people in place. However if we have dishonesty in place it is far more complex. i am afraid if explained in details, people will talk of AK implementing Sharia Law across India.

One of the fundamental is the empowerment of people so that they participate directly in government decision which effect people’s day to day life. No political party talk of such things in recent past except AAP. In Indian context it is called Swaraj. There is no surprise that the concept introduced by Gandhiji was inspired by Biblical and Quranic teachings he might have got while travelling South Africa. Gandhiji took a lot from Bible which we call “Satyagarah”. People who have read Bible will know the true meanings and context of Swaraj and Satyagarah. This is notable while Bible talk of the philosophy of self sacrifice to establish good, Gita talks of fighting the evil forces with all might, whereas Quran gives the both.

Oath ceremony in Public, Banning VIP culture, Leading simple life, Establishing the clarity between government and people, taking people’s consensus in public affairs, and fighting for justice and principle is all the traits explained by Khulfa-e-Rashideen long time back. This is quite refreshing to see the resurrection of these ideology in Indian context where most Muslim leaders have failed. Thats make India a land of miracles.

Jai Hind, all the best AAP,

Namo Proved Communal Again

The day a blog confession came out from #namo i thought for a while “OK”, however i wonder if a hateful person can write all these stuff, and there is no surprise if it came at the right time of general election.

Kill, Conspire, Be Silent and change paradigm at right moment. Namo is sailing the ship carefully. All is fair in democracy. The stupid Indians will again unite after Ayodhya victory.

Looking at the video he talked about Jamia Millia Islamia and his true lies and allegations proved again about his hate politics.

I have been a part of Jamia for more than 7 years and i know the complete episode of how and why such a statement from VC was issued. The innocent students whose charges are not yet proved are termed as terrorists and this is university’s responsibility to assist students and if they are found guilty they must be taken as per the law. However a mere allegation do not prove a person to be terrorists.

To Modi and all of his supporters:

  1. Terrorism means Pakistan,
  2. Pakistan means Muslims,
  3. To them there is no difference between Indian and Pakistani Muslims,
  4. So Muslims deserve to be blamed, punished and killed,
  5. #Namo and his supporters are doing a favour in adjusting Muslim population in India,
  6. Muslims are second class citizens, they must be controlled in all the ways,

Unless the class of Hindus who believe in above definition of Muslims exist, they will always be in a prejudiced mode and will never bring justice to society,

Shame #NAMO, Shame #BJP, Shame to all who think India is more Hindu country than be a democratic republic.