The Asaram and Mr PM

There happened two important events recently. The “Asaram” and Mr PM.

What will you do if you know the problem. In the course of letting things settled on its own, you kept silence, hoping the situation will come out of its massive gravity one day. But it never happens. This is the natural order. Genuine intentions need boldness and conviction to materialize in results.

Mr Singh knows the problem, and he understand very well that the economy can not be played back fast forward. How you can make your Rupee independent of Dollar. The scrambled egg will never get hardened again. The fools in India hope for a miraculous leader and he will do quick undos and everything will be on track. At least in their wish and desires they are miraculous but in reality they are stinky shits.

So Mr Manmohan can not do anything. Given the situation right and left. He is good at heart and bold in many ways, however the system thriving on propaganda, falsehood, and moral bankruptcy will not let him think and work in the way it should be.

We the people and Barkha Dutt. These news anchors are smart and they in-cash events. Every time i drift from the basics of the teachings in what i believe, these stupid people, rather stupid intellectuals who seek peace, and think of themselves as an authority of guideline principles for seeking the truth; i thank Almighty that i at least am not one of them. They don’t seek but they seek pleasure in the way they think is right.

I know that the people will never understand. Economics and Religion both have a different meaning to the general masses so they will not get the right meaning. They will continue chanting, shouting, meditating the man made laws, their own created Gods and Godmens. They will experience the peace till the time a noisy reality is discovered.

People make people God. This is the point they are raped. And when literally, they cry.

Just to remind and put it straight. There is only one path to salvation. The path Jesus taught, and Moses and Abraham and David, and Adam to Muhammad (peace be upon them all). God is one. The ilah, or Allah in Arabic. Formless to our comprehension, so do not idolize. Powerful, so close your eyes, seek blessings and feel, God is close to you, closer than you think. God is  not in the business of begetting and having son or father. These are the worldly processes for living sustenance on planet earth. The final revelation is Quran, so if you get time learn it and question it. Question it. The more you question it the more you get it.