The Hatred Genes,

Let me be clear here, as millions of Indian Muslims, there is a threat. The zombies i see around, to them is their fear and they can harm me, anytime they want.

Godhra, “who did it?”, and “who perished?”. The politics of blood had a pre preparation of materializing the event. Our good Hindu friends, killed thousands of Muslims just to satisfy their emotions. They did not took revenge from the people who did the heinous crime of burning a train, but since they were “supposedly Muslims”, let’s Kill them, they are terrorists and they do not deserve to live.

3000 people killed.

3 Days of peaceful genocide.

1000 people a day.

Police silent.

Administration numb.

Who Cares?

These are Muslims, “Let’s Kill Them all,”

Well, to Modi, “these are tyre puppies”. Do not care,

And to all my friends who support Modi, “Congratulations, you got a political reasons to mask your face again”. You can kill us, as you like.

Kashmir, “Who and why the Brahmins were moved?”, “the new generation do not know”, however there is a perception “Muslims made them to move”, and now let us cage them in their own home, with military. The contempt in the eyes of the soldiers, with which they mock, smile and kill. Look, they are Muslims, let’s kill them. They are terrorists. The suckers of power and complex politics created “a virtualized world of hatred”, some of them hate and some are victimized. The price of a political decision is still being paid by thousands of Muslims being killed in valley. Some say “this is right”, let’s teach a lesson to these “Muslims”.

They line “Pakistani”, “Muslims” and “Islam” in a single line. However they are neither similar nor same. This troubles me. Islam is pure and pristine, Muslims are the followers, some good and some bad. And what is Pakistan? Well a country for Indian politics, with which they compare their own inabilities. A default gateway for all the accusations and “this is Pakistan, not my fault”. To most of them “Mens are from Mars”, “Female from Venus” and “Muslims from Pakistan”, they all are terrorists, “Let’s Kill them all”.

Where do i stand? Well, i love Islam and i am a Muslim, so i am a victim.

If you ask corruption, the corrupted soul can not bring development. He glamorize the development. Indian corporate bureaucracy is not a litmus test of country’s development. If you really want to uproot the corruption you really need to get out of this Muslimophobia and the drama of Hindutva.

Indian corruption and lack of leadership boldness is not the problem of a political party. There is a lack of political will in bringing the change. These suckers need power. Power at cost of anything. First they wanted to build a “Ram Mandir”, now they fairly polarized the people with the new hero. The hero who killed maximum “Muslims” in shortest time (this is the hidden happiness to most). The hero who boast a long story of infrastructure development. There will never be “Ram Rajya” they think of nor “Development” but again a series of injustice, to which all parties are equally responsible. It is only the matter of time and space. Who materializes it first?

Corruption Genes – Part 2

What is the most efficient key to be corruption free?

They key is “improvement” and consistency in “being good”. These are the output of an action with a noble intention. The whole exercise of religion and moral lessons is to ensure that we are not contaminated with “laziness” in bringing results. This is a courageous act.

India was defined once with a “value system”. This is not the best natural resources which India had, however there was a strong “value system” since the Vedic Ages. The institution of Guru and Shishya and the knowledge seeking methodologies culminated a healthy system where sustenance of noble qualities was possible. With the advancements and in course of history, India encountered numerous influences from Arab to England. Those who loved India, made India beautiful and the prosperity we achieved in past was with a proper balance in social order. Religion was for knowledge seeking, Politics was for justice and control over evils, education was to make people skilled and useful for society. All of this came with people. People with right intention. Those who loved to be happy and wanted to see others happy as well.

Corruption is not a sudden phenomena. This is a gradual degradation. Corruption starts with the lack of “control points”. In today’s context, people in India are not really concerned about the corruption, they are however reacting in some situations where they feel uncomfortable. Most of the people think that a particular party is responsible for corruption or a particular person is corrupt. If we see really with wisdom, we will realize that a Political Party is just a mute stage which showcase the events. People are just the actors who play the role. The real root is the lack of “moral guidelines” which can make a “value system” possible. In this vulnerable situation the definition of “right” and “wrong” is changed at every level. So people when grow and seek position, they make wrong things right and right things wrong. With a smart excuse that “this is how it works”.

A big class of people, the so called “educated english speaking society”, is under a heavy influence of West. The mesmerizing stars, Hollywood, Music, Movies, FM and the obscene obsession in the name of art and culture make people very light in moral values (To a certain extent all of these are part of life but if people follow their desires and make the “self centric happiness” as a benchmark for world peace, this will never work). The real question is how can we safeguard our values which are unique and necessary for the socio-geo structure of India.

In the back of every apparent problem, there is a global greed driven system. Arabs are happy selling their oil to West in exchange with Coke and Mercedes. Almost every country in the world work for US interest. Hollywood portrays West (US) to be the only saviour to humanity. Indians are happy in “feeling bad” for themselves. They practice good english just to deodorize the “desi smells” of corruption. TV channels are for TRP. Truth is silent and falsehood is dicussed. Truth is always perished. So Jesus (pbuh) was struggling, and so Muhammad (pbuh). Moses (pbuh) took all the means however was also failed in keeping people intact with faith in spite of open miracles. Truth is always a subject of criticism and a discomfort choice. We want to be happy on our terms and thats the staring of corruption.

Corruption Genes – Part 1

I had a chance to look a photo, dated long time back. The picture shows a Police officer sitting on ground with the British and Indian Maharajas nearby standing. Whatever the context be, this reflects something odd. Well, i will not explain it and will leave viewers to comment.


Well this could be a good will gesture, however it reflects lot more. Did we really got independence? Did we ever put the importance of processes over people?

This is not rare. If we go to any government office relations matters, otherwise people are treated as slaves. This is a closed infinite loop, wherein people themselves want system to be like this, so that they can get more benefit than others. This mindset has not changed since long. This is still dominant in all organisations where Indians are with their mediocre presence.

Characteristics: They will not listen to you. Since they are the Babus they have the authority to be silent. You stand in queues, make request like “Respected Sir, Most Humbly And Respect Fully etc.” They feel proud of the fact that they have control of your fate till the time your work is not done. They feel proud that they can make you nuts, and harm you. The vary morning, they worshipped their stone idols and they exist in system with stone hearts. This is corruption at grass root level.

Characteristics: They discuss. They enjoy. Over the tea brakes, about party and politics. They take paan and split the red shit anywhere they find. Specially the corners. The vary morning these guys offered Namaz or Went to some Mandir, had their shoes outside, pretend to be clean, but what happened now. I see. This is workplace. Not Mandir or Masjid. I have every right to abuse it. Lets split the bloody red shit again, or some tobacco. They are not clean. The dirt in mind is nicely covered with the clothes they wear, the oppression they execute in their own family. And outside, they are respected. With the fear they execute they earn and make their hell satisfied. This is corruption of character.

Characteristic: They are highly ignorant. Ignorant of the fact about money, business and the commerce of exchanges around. To them is to save the salary. Maximise the illegal money. Keep the money in bank safe and be happy with interest. Neither they want to understand the Global Banking Crisis nor they are interested. Bloody obscure. And this is good to discuss the corruption topics. NDTV shows, and TIMESNOW heated arguments. The mother of all evils is the “Institution of banks” and “Market Monopoly” but they take this as a fairy tale.

People need to understand that the corruption eradication is a bidirectional simultaneous process. This require both bottoms up and top down cleanup. If people are not hardened and they are not equipped with strong value system the dropped ball of goodness will not hold the surface, it will bounce and the system will remain same. However if we see the system today, this has become vulnerable due to many factors.

Well, youngsters are classified in some weird ways. Bollywood, stars gossips, cricket and politics. Some are concerned for the next job change. iTunes and next electronic gadgets. Copying the hollywood vocabulary. Mesmerised with the Western lifestyle. Quick and judgemental. Values? “What the Fuck?”, i carry my own attitude, and this is my value system. This new, gray and going to be new slot is going to take charge of future and i can visualise the stability of society.

Good people by virtue of being good pretend to be silent, mostly introvert. However to bring a solid fabric to fight with corruption they need to unshit the deep shits. Silence and being saint will not work. Good people need to carry the duracell charged activities, and execute themselves in society. Unless they will execute and demonstrate the good to people, the natural gravity of darkness will swallow all.

Value System? How this can be glamorised? How this can be inforced?

To be continued …

Most of the things were nonsense long back,

Most of the things were nonsense long back, then when you really start taking interest clarity starts. Especially those quotes and angry sentences from old uncles around,

For me the debate of Android vs iOS makes no sense. There are people around who discuss. Some of them make money out of discussion, some enjoy as they have nothing else in their life to enjoy. Internet has given a chance for everyone to participate and the effective method of learning and doing things have taken a new shape. People are impatient and they want next big thing with next mouse click. The heat of so fast curiosity has evaporated the solid substrate of patience. There is more to loose than to gain. The perception of intelligence driven by googling information has brought the personality disorders. The pseudo-confidence, with which people reflect. It’s there on google, how come you deny.

What is creativity and what is corruption? Am i doing the right comparison?

In some of the discussions and with all other Indian mates, when i discuss things its very frustrating. We Indians are obsessed with the idea of political correctness. In core we all are idol worshippers. People love to worship people and some people love to be worshipped. Kind of GodFather culture. I am your boss and … me Ok being a slave never deteriorate anything if my stability is not questioned. This is my job and i will not move an inch whatsoever be, this is my state and i am correct. Bloody hell, you are correct.

The gravity created by ignorance driven confidence is where they rest in peace. They all criticise external factor. Discussion like “Why are you increasing your work?”, “Does this action translates to your benefit?” Don’t answer, be in silent mode, let them come.

Well to answer darkness you can become even more darker so that the surrounding darkness looks bright. If you lit a light, you are a fool, and you are an intruder. That’s what they think. Most of the people when move up the ladder instruct people to do something where they have failed terribly. And when it comes to speaking on results, either they will cover their incompetence with dumb management lines, or will expose themselves and will plead for mercy. It all depends on the protocol, which side you are.

Will you stop doing good if your goodness is criticised? Well, this is their job, you better do yours. One of the key thing people tend to forget, or i feel they resist is to see the necessity of good things happening. They are weak. The weakness comes from realising the fact that this world is too smart. Smart people can eat up their space. So the next big thing strike them is jealousy. They are burned inside. With the inefficiency they exist. They challenge every new concept.

It is too vulnerable to do good. And i got the reason for stupid comparisons as well. I want to satisfy my thought process. Well, it is endless and even Modi will be thought a moderate when a new hardliner will come. India, Indians and related issues. This is all a complicated corruption. We all love this corruption and sometimes we resist.