People Management vs Technical Excellence

Those who think “People Management” and “Technology Management” as two separate streams in an organization, fails to realize that you can’t segregate them. If you are incompetent in technology, you can’t excuse by saying “I am good in people management”.

A pure people management is limited to the scope of work supervision. In an IT company what we require is “Technical Leadership”. The boldness of technical leadership is reflected once you empower Technical Experts to bring innovation. The task of people management goes hand in hand.

Million dollar question,

Well, it is all ok and no complain,

While i discussed and had the frustrating conversation i pretend not to realize that i do not agree with you. Some may say “cowardice” or may be they are true. For me it is difficult fighting with people who do not have a moral or principle to life. They take every possible way to make their point correct, even it be on false grounds. I can’t win on losing my principles. So better get defeated till the time you quit the game.

There are frustrating people around. To them, their security is success. The do not work for quality or system improvements. They work to survive and they are very calculating in this approach. Once they get position with all unfair means they bring frustration to the subordinates. Frustration building exercise is the outcome of inefficient managers.

They call something called “Trust”. The definition of trust to them is “Say Yes to what i like, Say no to what i don’t like”. People who subscribe to this ideology are those who work for people, to get benefited. They do not work for ideas, they do not work for improvements, they do not work for something nobel. They just exist, deaf, dumb and damn obnoxious.

They will pose you the text-book question of management, like “What you did, so i may promote you?”, “What you did out of box?”, “Why you expect so much?”. They are right. The problem is that “they are severely right technically”. These are the natural right questions, and these to be asked to people who over demand. These questions sound good if the asking person has proved himself with leading examples. And if they have set examples they will never ask these things. In the course of genuine work flow people will automatically grow.

Million dollar question: What is in you which inspire others?

Two million dollar question: People respect you, just because you can bring harm to them. Or they respect your for something they like about you?

Three million dollar question: Are you satisfied with the fear driven respect? Do you ever realize it?

Most of them tend to forget their own role and contribution. Why they ask people to do something which they can’t prove to be driven by themselves. In fact they failed in doing most of the things. In a sense they want to secure their position. They can’t see progress of an individual who has quality. They will promote someone who can serve their purpose. And what is the purpose? To keep the obscurity in place, don’t question or suggest something which is beyond their thinking horizon. In a sense be an idol worshipper and hail to their glory.

if we understand the infrastructure of mindsets, people, overall vision, this keeps ourselves not to indulge in getting some of the points right from people who will never understand you. If they care for their stability, you care for yours. Set and achieve your objective till the time you get another better one. Life is too short to complain and too long to enjoy. Growth is subjective and all of us have different opinion to it. Political correctness will make your position secure now, but in long run it fails unless it is grounded on sound policies.

In the end it all depends on your philosophy of success. If you align yourself with them you will grow exponentially, but for me the guilt of materializing success on the basis of bringing inefficiency is more harming. Let’s be free and enjoy the breeze of what you think,