Genuine Expectations vs True Lies

While dealing with people around in business transactions, mostly when people are in service support or engineering management, there come situations which are difficult to be scaled over or measured in terms of what is right and what is wrong.

What brings irritation? Or a sense of disagreement which you would not prefer to discuss, since the space and time is not favourable. Some of the managers think: To push work downstairs, and let the pressure work. Well, if you target the heat of seriousness this can work, but you need to chase and hold people, if you are enough capable.


The better way could be to work sincerely instead of making it serious. Let’s identify the tasks, skills, resources and plan it in a better way. Understanding others by placing yourself there and this do not harm to do a small historical review of people around you. What they did in past, how they perform, what are their capabilities and are they sincere?

Understanding is the key. Knowing not only what we want, however most important is “Am i asking right stuff from right guys?” This is something beyond the definitions of delivery models. And of course there are some interpersonal gels required in order to make it inspiration driven rather than disheartened perspiration exercise. This differentiates the genuine expectations from true lies. Managers often call them offloading techniques and some fancy words.

In the end, good people can’t fight well with bad guys, as they need to sacrifice a bit of goodness in between. For them to get an equal treatment some true lies are spoken, which they can’t reject.