Bomb, blasts and Bingo!!!

Now again,

Year 2008: I was in Srilanka then. I came to hotel, ordered chicken biryani and hit straight to have shower. It relaxes me. Cinnamon Hotel is very luxurious, and i was enjoying a 5 star life. This was not new watching live coverage of something messed up in India. However it lasted whole night and i was watching Taj attack as this was not ending.

Next day was not pleasant. I had headache and sleep deprived eyes were losing its concentration. I was on my own mission and had daunting tasks of new services activation for Airtel Srilanka  I was in DC implementation. While i was making VPN profiles, and architecture for VPN tunnels, i was going through the troubles going back home. How and Why? and when should this stop?

Now and then, this is no difference as the people around are still tangled. They can not think beyond their affiliation to a political party, ethnicity, religion etc. They support the parallel governing structure like RSS, Shiv Sena etc. They hide but they reflect. And their intent is reflected in all the way they behave and speak. There is no difference when it comes to extremism. When a headless Pakistani advocates Jihad for green banner, our intellectual brothers hail for saffron patriotism. There is no moon-star vs the burning Sun in Saffron cloth. This is all madness. The shit inside mind smells and is horrible.

I need to justify. To justify that i am not a terrorist.

So how come you do not support BJP? And don’t you see the corruption under UPA’s carpet?

For me both are same. Both of them live on the mercy of vulnerability. The vulnerability which exist in society. They take advantage. They bring instability. They create fear and then they gain. They say “This is from the border”. Where is the border? Where is the border of greed and where it ends?

Do you think India is progressing? No.

These are the last bulges of flames which will make your coming generation perish. Orthodoxy, slavery and consumerism has bonded a strong relationship. You worship either stones or people. And God, ahhh. They look good in comics, Hollywood or in our selfish religious rituals. Religion has become either a weapon to vent your anger out or a window to throw your garbage in. And you live happy. Long live India,

That happened on this Friday as well, when they said that this particular party can bring a real change. These people can not work religiously. They are Indians and they are ****. They can’t justify their presence to the system and they are talking change. I do not reflect, since i know, idiots can talk and they are good in it. Let us see, when the polarization changes. There will be more blasts to make system more vulnerable. Innocents will be killed, leaders will come and visit. People will host parties and some of them will be busy in Page3, cricket or new release. This is India. Life mein masale ki kami. Bingo!!!, let’s have it.