La ilaha il-lAl-lah,

I was happy as you spoke the sweet words, you learned pehela kalima, i felt very happy.

Let me share with you some of the grave concerns concerning religion and politics. Since long the quest for power has been vital for human race. There is satan in a continuous effort in making world a place for leisure, lust and desires. Almighty Allah has made it very clear to avoid any confusion, however the strategy of divine plan do not let humanity know the truth at cheaper cost. The continuous quest needed for self realization and understanding is very rare. This leads to religion floating at surface layers hooked by customs and culture. Most of the people are greedy and they are interested only in their own happiness. These vectors make ordinary people fall in the trap of rat race of emotion driven attachment to religion, which can be easily fueled by the ruling elites.

People in politics and those who control system do understand very well the psychology of people. These ordinary people, since they lack understanding are easily manipulated and in the name of religion are used for their benefit. Some people are proud in Muharram Juloose, and some in Ramnavmi parades. They show their strength by making a public show of swords and treeshools. How angry they are? How rude they are? How stupid they are? The discourse of killing people, in the name of Ram, or establishing Ram Rajya, fuel them with a satisfaction of holiness. Same is with others as well. They rape, kill and destroy and this bloody game is religion to them.

Don’t be disguised. Quran says “La ikraha fid-deen“, better listen Quran, read it and understand it. They will criticize, and will laugh on you. However this should not be a matter of discouragement for you. Truth is that the Quran is the only book, meant for the guidance of people for this generation and the implementation manual is described in details in Sunnah of our beloved prophet Muhammad (pbuh). So better read, practice and concentrate on self righteousness.

Avoid stupid discussions. You are accountable for your deeds. Even prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was not successful in convincing all. The job is to convey the message. Convey the message with dignity. If they agree, well, otherwise do not ponder in exaggerated explanations. How will you test? This is simple. The point you feel, you are getting angry, stop. And turn away. Seek Allah’s forgiveness and make Duaa to increase Imaan. To foolish is his anger and pride. Good people learn to lose with dignity than to win on false grounds. This is not easy. Holding emotion is like holding a burning lava in hand. So drop it quickly. Don’t get burned. Your win or lose is not the criteria for your success. Your success criteria is your intention, taqwa and Aamal.

Establishing the deen of Allah is Farz on Muslim Ummah. However the accountability and responsibility vary in the way that all of us are not having the same boundary conditions. Do not ever make any hasty decision in emotion. For any act and decision you must be enough knowledgeable to comprehend and apply in yourself first, before you jump to others.

So, good to start with “Jihad-e-Nafs”, listen to enlightened souls, be open to fresh ideas and attain moral excellence as demonstrated by our beloved prophet Muhammad (pbuh)

The fishy crossroads,

I quickly burned my hands as usual, realized later, this was late. They were right. If i was in charge, i could have jumped in to save, however the discussion went long and situation were not synchronized with my clock.

Most of the times, i sound offensive. I write emails which is not understood to many and they say “he is dandy,”. In the pursuit of understanding and perfection, i make many things, which they say “is a waste of time,”. But i love to waste time. Waste time in my way.

I tried again talking to dead zombies. Since i knew they will not be alive, so i kept their Gods in copy. They responded quickly. It works. The dead shits when interrogated gives horrible smells. They don’t have even a trace of enthusiasm, passion to their work, interest. They do meditation. In front of their computers, they do look very busy. To them is their productivity. Infinite to them, zero to me. But who am i?

If you can’t bring result, its OK, try again, don’t loose passion. If you don’t want to bring results, You are horrible, how come you exist?

This is not a good idea to exist in a system, which is incompetent to nurture fresh idea. The whole struggle is “how to exist”, “how not to work”, “how to keep the boss happy” and “how to escape”. If a team is passionate about their work, result follows, otherwise they follow raw, unstructured spreadsheets. The copies of un-formatted excels, documents and of course they call it the work. Is it really?

I loved drawings, playing with colors, crayons, canvas and beauty. And still love to flaunt my passion in work. I am not a very hi-fi techie who understand well, however i love to make things simple with smart illustrations, paintings and feel great if it produce result. If something is working and i am a part of it. If something is solved and the engineering excites. It may be crazy, weird or foolishness to many. You work for someone, how do you feel great? Well, i have not achieved the corporate salvation of totipotency, and feel happy with these tiny acts, or some power point presentations. That’s me and my happiness, let me be fool.

So you are a great manager. Deaf, dumb and blind. Your management is selfishness, where you think of your personal growth, personal comfort and do not care where team is going. Where are people going? Where is the spark of inspiration, which make learning warm and capable to germinate the hidden potentials of people on ground. They don’t feel great about work, and that’s the litmus test to your effectiveness. However a person should not expect any thing good from someone who can not think beyond his comfort shell. This is average Indian mindset and we all are part of it.

There is a crossroad and choices, and the gravity of time is money. So let’s stick to it. Let them behave as they are. Focus on your objective, no matter, if you also smell like them, sometimes it’s OK.

gangnam style

When i woke up today morning, i hit straight internet, email and saw birthday wishes from my company HR. Oh today is 9th December by the way and Sunday. Out of making some complex things simple i was working whole night. I love to work what i love, and do not feel ashamed discussing about it. Drawing is my passion, be it the IP Packets.

Think about the educated class of people. Further think about the Internet-Aware-Educated-Class of people. I know there are people on internet who are not educated, but at least they know how to hit keyboard, however most of them are literate. And think how “Gangnam Style” has become the most watched video on YouTube.

I was aware about this term but watched it after a long lazy effort. The dance moves are new. I was thinking how much the civilization has gone to an extreme of seeking fun and entertainment. For people like me who think themselves of connecting link between the old Jurassic ages and new mad jungles, this is really difficult. i mean this is what drives the current age educated class. Dance rock and dance to tunes. The modesty and sincerity has been replaced by the bluntness and ignorance. To satisfy that they say “ignorance is bliss”. So, this video is number 1 watched online.

The truth is clear. Allah choose Islam to be the only accepted religion for mankind. Not because he loves Arabic or Mullahs, but the reason that this final testament has all the solution for today’s mankind till the day dooms. And these PSY verses “Naje-neun ttasaroun inkanjeo-gin yeoja” makes you away from the Man-God relationship. You may justify and bring logic, reasoning, and all the if elses etc. You hop on to the next and next acts of fun-seeking until you will exhaust the whole humanity in the name of your personal freedom. Then one day, in the corner of hell, by side of Aaaraf, you may think; this was really Bad.

You may think, are you serious? But i am and i see these signs making the believe in unseen more strong. People coupling more with world, seeking more pleasure, hiding their lust in the name of freedom and art. Where are we going?

One of my friend compared and a beautiful logic: When we see good flowers we feel good, so what is the harm in girls in shorts and bikinis on street, when we see them we feel good. This is a culture to promote happiness. I am not the exception personally, however i resist somewhat, to an extent, to the degree of faith i have. This logic is to cover a Man’s selfish desire, and what women thinks. She need attention, admiration to her beauty, rolling eyes to her peeping hips and breasts. This is how she is comfortable. Satan is clever and humans are weak to themselves.

The example and logic is not appropriate. The kind of happiness we get in admiring a flower is not the same. Provoking desires and being vulnerable in seeking fun and entertainment in a way God has restricted is not the way one should adopt. This will bring long term disaster for momentarily lusty feelings.

And it all depends. If you really believe in God. Otherwise do what you want to do, may Allah guide you,