Insanity and IT,

I was thinking a lot over the times about the insanity. IT is dead without fresh thinking and innovation and these people are smiling zombies. They don’t want things to happen and there are serious reasons to that,

1. They are insecure: Old people and experience in terms of time only. They do not understand the technology and boast themselves of being the superman of past. If they are willing to bring perfection and have passion to technology they can make a difference. However most of them are making spaces for their own habitat. Interested in securing their position. How to exist with their own incompetency. They fear change. They are freaking coward. Every event to them is a political game. Every change is a nuclear attack to their position. They will not listen, never appreciate and will resist any fresh idea. They talk people and events. Very quick in declaring their innocence, passing the ball next moment. They say this is how the support function works. For me, this is a shit approach to the game. They are still, static, dead, smelling horrible.

2. Mindset: If i am not wrong they are thief, crook. They do not believe in law, rules and regulations. The moment they will see a thing unattended orphan, they will steal it. That’s how India is. Bloody corrupt politicians. And then they say, it’s not my fault, it’s the system, as though they are the lords outside the rings, up in the heaven, totally innocent. This makes their mind not to think of any structured approach to crack a problem. They want to hijack credit, play safe and yes, they want to steal. Their salary is what they steal from customers. Making all possible ways to get the benefit of doubt and making their point politically correct. They lack experience to appreciate good and forbid bad. Their mindset is to accumulate more and more and let’s not think of others. They will take office stationary to home, and will not use them. As though this is officially OK. They will eat and keep their shits in the sink, and will not wash it. They do not have time. If God has not given the painful sensation for morning call of nature, they could have died out of constipation.

3. Approach: IT is all about communication. Communication is the essence. It facilitates business and in the end satisfaction to self and stock market stability to company. Paving path to communication is not a big deal. The big question is control. Control not at the cost of performance but to make system predictable. Defining processes that are build around the concept of well defined control. This is not a policy document or file sitting idle remotely on a file server, however this should be the living practice and religious ethos of IT culture. The very first and foremost thing for any company and specially Telcos in particular should be to define their IT communication Data Flow and enforce it. Otherwise, MSPs and Vendors with their creative stunts may make something fabulous but the company’s business can never be assured.

4. Readiness: I am ready, are you? This do not work straightforward. Any way this is how the jobs are created and people are benefited. Great changes do not come in quantized work packages. One must think end to end and an effort which can integrated solutions to give a big blow. Are the people ready? Is the system ready? Is their enough room to think and bring changes. Changes which shapes things better, bring smart people together and let all feel great.

5. Religion: They believe weird. However each believe is weird. They actually believe in customs and traditions, not religion. Religion needs devotion, study, introspection and understanding. It makes person humble, soft, caring and great. Do we observe any of these virtues? They worship and ask: How to be onsite for next six months? And they think that God is concerned about their onsite assignments. I say, H**y S**t !!!

My Suicide Note

I committed it again, as this is not a sin to do a social suicide online,

The fast generation, vibrating, tuning, synchronizing, connecting, disconnecting, hiding, appearing and realizing the potential of communication. Vulnerable. Vulnerable to the idea of self-realization. The capitalist essence when mixed with assets, transformed economy and produced inflation. You need it and you don’t have. Come to me, i don’t have but will let you get it. Have the burden of interest and debt. Food industry propelled by the profit graphs made it spicy, delicious and available. This resulted in obesity. Obesity generated revenue for more business and a cycle where keeping tummy fit is a challenge. No one have control to their kitchens as more saliva needs stimulate taste buds to lick more and more. From pizzas to burgers to undisciplined open food habits.

Obesity is the key integral characteristic of this generation,

Who is the one who don’t love himself, or the self portrayals. Kings to Nawwabs all were obsessed with the need of self appraisal. Appreciating self and expecting a reply, some wah-wah, “Yes you said right, perfect”, this is very old. All the old customs. Facebook is not new in concept. So is the Google+. They all make use of the need for socialization. To appreciate and getting appreciated. This is the world of deception and is becoming more artificial. The more you connect, more you disconnect. There are pros and cons, however my Tyre burst, since my creative instinct catches more sins than the grace. A person like me, can’t control or put heavy restrictions to the vulnerable desires. Satans are very easy with me.

So better to avoid than to control. Cost to control is greater than to avoid. So deleted it and am feeling safe.