Background plays a big role, in setting perspective to the thoughts. Ordinary people, when they fail to realize a concept hangs on discussing related events. Some slips much down and they do not understand events as well, so they discuss people. Politics is at all levels from concepts to events to people. But the worst of them is people politics. People at this layer can never create something. They are dead.

Most of them, if they are kind to you, it means a direct or indirect symbiosis. They want to gain something out of you. Human relations are complex and they live in doubt. Take benefit of doubt and make you feel that they have done a lot favor to you.

I used to think that freezing out your arrogance is dangerous. Arrogance, Yes this is toxic and addictive, however you can not wash it away. Arrogance is necessary sometimes and if you want to be away from it, be arrogant sometimes. Else what is that you have, for which you take the stand on issues. The better option is to be patient and work out constructively keeping in mind the holy commandments.

The reason for them not so flexible is that they don’t have quality,
Neither they themselves nor to the system …
To every change they doubt their survival,
cunning, wicked, they are dead, they don’t know themselves…

As i learned years back about forces, that they are in pairs always. No force is single. Their inefficiency and dependency to hide the faults creates a uniting force where they share. They share their vulnerabilities and make others to believe they are one. However inside them is always an emptiness where they hide in fear.