Knowledge Respect and Hurdles

I am experiencing new environment,

Year 2006: When i first met Amit Singh Gaur, he had a passing resemblance to Shahrukh Khan, and still he possess the charisma. I knew three people are joining the team today and they were Ejaz, Ramesh and Amit. I was discussing office politics with Parth in the NOC room. Initial arrogance and stupidity on immature levels always prompt me to discuss about shortcoming in others and job change. Every time i will meet a talented new face, will ask for a job change guidance. This was quite irritating. Sometimes i hate so much about some stupidity i had, that i want to completely erase all about it, however this is learning curve and i can not differentiate beyond the tangent levels. Since i was a fresher and was not getting out of the fresher mindset, was not charged to take a lead. Though my managers were expecting Parker to mature in Spiderman, i was still romancing with kids behavior. Seniors around you and helping hand are sometimes so grave that they do not let new kids to come out of their own comfort shell. When i was with the most qualified experts, i didn’t had the courage to troubleshoot alone, When i am without them i can do any damn stuff, sometimes, screening effect matters in life outside atomic scales as well.

Some of my mates i meet nowadays are obsessed with Technical Arrogance, and some on the other side believe in the materialization of personal relationship for professional growth. They fight terribly since the vectors have a head on trajectory with 180 degrees phase shifts. Most of them are not transparent to what they think, speak and do. They are not in harmony. Their internal disharmony leads to chaotic questions and answers which they themselves do not want to answer. They discuss and seek a favorable answer from their friends. If they get an answer which supports their emotions you are good friends otherwise not. You must comply. This is ABC to the perception management and a daunting task for team leaders.

Whenever i meet some wicked and weak person, i think what if i were him. If i had executed something like that in my life style. This keeps me being away from those vulnerabilities. I keep myself some distance apart, but this brings a vacuum which must be filled with some positive energy and i realize the value of company of good inspiring friends. Though if they were harsh or soft, this was learning and if it come at any cost it is worth.

Anyways, back in days of 2006, i was coming downstairs after a KT session from Kalyan Sir. Amit was comfortable with IP Schema understanding, while i was smart enough to hide my doubts over IP Subnettings. I pretend, i know and people believed. I was again inspired by intelligent people and asked Rajiv, rather i complained about missing IP Subnets in the Schema, however he confidently explained why is the gap, i was stunned, how he knew, he just joined the team some days back.

I see my past in some faces around in present. The same story with different characters. Zeal to get recognized, hatred, discussing about others and complaining attitude. This is a cyclic equations, like floating Google circles. Time bring perfection and there is something called experience, one can not materialize it before time and gain it when time has passed.

Vitality Hires

VHP, i knew this stands for Vishwa Hindu Parisad. Religious fanaticism has caused the most destruction to humanity than anything else. A drug made to cure has been used otherwise,

Anyway, this time the acronym was for Vitality Hire Program. I was selected from a crowd of 364 odd candidates in a campus placement for IBM. Only 14 i think were finally selected out of 364 and i was the lucky one. This was a perfect example of being lucky, as out of 40 questions asked in the test, i knew only 8 correct and rest were all a guess-work. I was lucky.

The presentation before was fantastic. Mrs Pallavi and Sudheer Mehani introduced IBM in quite a wonderful way and all were very excited. I was assuming this only an opportunity to experience “How IBM test paper looks like?”, The test and finally interview, it took 11PM and i reached home in night. I was not expecting to be selected for 1st round.

A week later got a call from Gurmeet, i was selected. I was taking physics class in my coaching, was explaining the kinetic way of proving the work energy relationships. I quickly noted the A26, Okhla phase 1 address and went there for final interview round with Dhruv and Pallavi again. I wanted to be selected for second round. I took all the magazines articles which was published in Physics for you etc. They asked few questions from mobile telecommunication and i explained drawing all smart illustration on paper. I was selected.

NIIT Delhi south-ex appreciated quite brilliantly me.

Before second round i got a call from NIIT south-ex that i have to report immediately to NIIT with all my documents and passport. i didn’t knew why, i was not knowing that i was selected in IBM. I went there and i was told to meet Sudha Madam. Sudha madam took me to a class and introduced. Meet Rashid, he has cleared IBM offcampus drive. I was treated like a celebrity. I can’t express the joy, happiness and nervousness. This was extremely amazing. Called Abbu immediately. All were very happy. I was in. I got a job.

I was thinking for my established coaching institute. What to do for Spectrum. I had put a lot effort in making my coaching institute a success in locality, and i was thinking now to close it. This was not possible for me to drive both the things. i was not a smart businessman, but only a heart follower. Slowly i moved my students to other institutes. The rivals were happy, and i was also very happy. Did some bridging classes to the BEST institute for three months. IBM induction training and 3-4 hours classes in night. I was very enthusiastic, otherwise this was quite hectic for me.

IBM called us Vitality Hires, and the whole team proved beyond all expectations. I learned a lot. A lot about new things. However somewhere the Physics teacher was lost. I still miss my classes and interactions with a lot students. This is like a situational breakup with an old girlfriend and being married to someone, somehow keeping balance for a happy married life. There is more to regret and much to appreciate.

Ejazul ki chai, (Ejazul’s Tea)

Growing up in 90s was different. The society was not digitized.

I had only two friends from SJS. Iqbal and Asad bin daud. They were the best since we had a deep bonding in terms of friendship which led to comics exchanges and roaming, fighting, playing around and more which will be an alien activity to coming generation. We all discuss senior people around, and become inspired. Students from Salafia Unanin college and some of the seniors belonging to SIMI. We had good times having inspirational chats with them and little booklets of urdu stories.

I met Ejazul, we called him Ejazul, don’t know where he is but he was a good friend and a book Ibn-e-batoota ki daastan belonged to him, though i got it from Iqbal and it had stories about Ibn-e-batoota’s expeditions. Good book and i had it with me long time. Milton and me usually will go in evening at Ejazul’s room near Iqbal’s house. He made good black tea and we enjoyed the company and peculiar taste of the tea. He was a sort of innocent grown up kid. He knew that the book is with me, and i never returned his book. I regret a lot, i think i had returned to Iqbal.

I feel my life to be fast, very fast. Many good old friends are getting out of mind. This life is a one way hash function and i think this is not going to repeat. Sometimes i am much hooked to the old memories. There are much tastes, smells, stories which remind of old days; much when i open an old book and discover something which associates a lot of past. I still remember the taste of Ejazul’s tea made on kerosene stove, a continuous push of the pumps in order to have a continuous flame. The aroma and tea, and i have no clue if i will ever meet him.

The End of Middle Managers (And Why They’ll Never Be Missed)

In my opinion, a company needs leaders—not managers. From the top down, every employee has the opportunity to lead, starting with the organization of one within the larger organization that we call “Me, Inc.” Every individual is responsible for shaping and creating their own future (with collaboration and a little assistance, of course.)

The Wrong With This Team,

The expectation was to work in such a way, so as to lead … however most of them are still dealing with the leads… Too many leads and no leader. No way but only the high performance culture can make this an A-Team.

This is not the fault of one person or one team. The Big challenge to the management is “How can we translate the Vision into individual actions?”. Serious. This is a serious challenge.

IT Operations, and in general any operations in service delivery need standards. Standards, processed and defined. The common language of ITIL and smart people who understand business, technology and processes. People who are charged with innovation and are always ready for new ideas. This is how the milk of creativity boils and innovation surfaces at the floating layers. But if there is no fire, milk is still cold calm, no matter how long it is out and around.

There is gravity and we must understand. Vision is like a collective mass. If Vision is defined and well understood, the gravity of Vision hold people with common terms. Sometimes the defined Vision is not well translated by the leaders, and in that case selfish people are seen. They push their juniors to come in front to show the act of red-tappism. We call it “Laal-Feeta-Shahi” in Indian terms.

They are cunning, stupid minded and shit. You can easily smell them out. They talk and talk. They expect bureaucratic loyalty. The hindi “Jee-Hazoori“. They demand respect all the times. You must prefix with a “Sir” or suffix with “Sahab“. This is how the culture is and the malnutrition of mind have made them so. They have never experienced the open free air. A long time slavery still has the effect. A healthy and free mind can attract ideas and deliver quality; parasites of deep shit can not appreciate the healthy breeze,

A second level managers band should never work on people affairs and work supervision. This is the task of immediate managers. To my understanding work supervision is not the job of any manager. If you supervise the work of your employees, you have failed your manager job. How can you ensure that you supervise excellence and let employee manage their work? This may be Greek, but if you talk being manager, you must posses something harry potter with you. No no no. You see i control people, i can approve, reject the leaves, i can decide the ratings and band, so i am a manager. So, you better grow, have healthy mental diets and wait till time proves you wrong.

The cancer of “babu-giri” and judging people based on their designation will never allow freshness in the team. So the delivered recipe will never be that tasty and healthy. For that if you need a soup that sets the mood of dinner, you must look upon the harvesting process as well.