Awam Ka Cinema

Awam Ka Cinema

Meraj and his friends from “Awam Ka Cinema” are creating a real impact in connecting to masses with their innovative approach of bringing constructive thoughts on cinematography platform. The recent success at Ayodhya and Kargil reflects the early symptoms of a great change in waiting,

Hats off to the team and wishing a great success,

Technical arrogance of a good design

Is creativity alone sufficient?

Recently i came across situations where i saw some good designs. I mean network design for data centers. A team full of CCIEs and experienced people. They act independently and propose changes, fitting their own piece of creativity somehow to existing setups. They all think themselves smart enough not to be challenged. They are right. In a sense if we do not put control to the system, creativity alone can not bring sustainable business results. I thought again the concept of design control strategies a company should define in order to make autonomous systems grow in coherence. However Australian ITians lack this vision somehow, to the people i have met so far.

Ideally the Data-center design blueprint should focus on the security zone uniformity and resiliency. I call the Duo Factor “Security Zoning + Resiliency” as the efficiency of a DC ecology. At any point of time any design should not deviate the Standards an organization should define for their IT data flow and security. But at the first step these policies has to be defined. Most of the times if the policies and standards are not defined, the growing infrastructure will get out of control leaving organisations on the mercy of people and parallel stakeholders. At ground any organisation’s IT should define their routing policies, zone communication standards, switching policies, infrastructure manuals, and redundancy/resiliency structure depending on the CIA rating of the systems in place.

Technicalities apart, actually it depends on the leaders and vision of any organisation to a larger extent. This is quite subjective. We say “it depends, well …”

PMs sucks… Not all but many,

Some PMs act as a level next in a hierarchy. I ask generally to them, some questions, they feel difficult to answer. I should not challenge them, this is their bread and butter and somehow they also have links and connections to exist in the system. This is how they get earn their livelihood. But again, if they do not contribute, it sucks.

So what are you going to contribute? How can you make it happen? Are you a contributor to something, or just a credit hijacker, typing mails and making your presence felt. Well, i see zombies do exist. As a defined layer in organisations. Feared to their own existence and shout to subordinates.

I personally do not have any problem with these suckers. But i have problem if their quotient of superiority complex surpass their intellectual level. They should at least understand technology and deliverable before starting their typing work and engaging resources. Not all technology, but at least first hand knowledge and crystal objectives. I saw some of my fellow country mates, out of making them smart they don’t ask questions and agree on stupid objectives. Do we call it project management? Asking questions do not degrade anyone.

The fear driven Indian culture and religious orthodoxy has made Indians dumb deaf and blind to an extent.

So the next time i see people laughing, smiling and cracking jokes with their managers, i am not surprised. This is how they exist. They work if something is given to them. They can’t drive, they are driven. Intelligence, oh yes, i know how to make excel sheet green, yellow and red, and how dare you think i don’t know. I know everything and i am shameless to people i report to.